Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Features

Artificial Intelligence

Analyze the candidate’s performance metrics by observing the time the person takes to answer specific questions.

Extensive Question Set

Extensive questions catalog & free test generator for recruitment across multiple disciplines.

ATS integration

Improve hiring efficiency, and reduce time to source the best talent from the industry with our ATS plugin.

Live Coding

Remotely proctored live coding tests to recruit the best developers from industry.


Assurance of authenticity & quality hires with secured online exams powered by proctoring.

Extensive Reports

Comprehensive and insightful reports based on a detailed analysis of the candidate’s performance.

How Questy Makes Your Life Easy?

Authentic Recruitment

Fraudulence and impersonation during online tests remain out of question with Questy’s cutting edge proctoring techniques. Online and offline proctoring methods supported by Questy ensure the authenticity of the recruitment process and make sure you recruit the best and worthy candidate for each job role.

Reduce Recruitment Costs

Talent acquisition cost is an inevitable expense for any organization, but you can significantly reduce it with the aid of the smart assessment platform Questy. It does everything from screening thousands of resumes to running background checks, conducting tests for the selected candidates, scheduling interviews, and even employee on-boarding, and helps you achieve better hiring at lower costs.


Increase Employee Retention

Simply acquiring the best people from the industry is not enough, retaining them, is important too. Most enterprises use LMS to facilitate the professional growth of employees to increase employee retention. Questy plug-in can make any LMS more efficient in terms of assessment, and generate extensive reports.

Hiring For Multiple Disciplines

Recruitment for multiple job disciplines used to be a taxing affair for enterprises. Owing to the extensive question set furnished by Questy, the hiring process for diverse disciplines has become swift and efficient. Our extraordinary assessment platform supports a wide variety of tests to meet your recruiting needs.

talent from across the globe

Talent From Across The Globe

Often, geographical constraints make companies lose the best talent in the industry. With Questy, you can recruit candidates from any corner of the world, using its online coding tests, video proctored aptitude tests, video interviews, and behavioral profiling.

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