Online Proctoring

Questy’s advanced online proctoring tools aid in detecting any misdemeanor and help to retain the credibility of assessments
Online Proctoring

How Questy Maintains Assessment Integrity?

Live Proctoring

Live Online Proctoring

With Questy’s online, cutting-edge proctoring software, proctor multiple candidates simultaneously on a single screen, remove location constraints and save time and cost while hiring


Record & Review Proctoring

With Questy’s online proctoring services, record the audio/video screen share feeds of candidates to be reviewed later and make assessments flexible for recruiters to help them chose the right candidate


Image Proctoring

Capture images of candidates and their screens at set intervals during online assessments for jobs. Retain the credibility of assessments and integrity of candidates and make the selection process cheat-proof

Benefits of Online Proctoring

Hire the Best Organizational Fit

Online proctoring offers the benefit of viewing candidates while they’re appearing for assessments. This enables recruiters to decide which candidate will be best suited for a specific job role

Cost Reduction

Reduce recruitments costs by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure by automating assessments and other hiring tasks

Hire from Anywhere Across the World

Hire candidates from anywhere in the world with Questy’s online assessment & proctoring services. Eliminate the need for candidates to travel and appear for tests at your premises.