Performance Driven. Unlimited Learning. Excellence Delivered

Screen, select and hire the right talent with Questy’s multi-disciplinary assessments in a secure online set up.

No credit card required.

Access to Test Assembly Tools

Create automatic and random assessments with Questy’s Linear-on-the fly (LOFT) Testing Methodology

Flexibility for Students

No geographical restrictions to offering assessments, complete flexibility of date and time

Enhanced Quality

Consistent and quick, high-quality on-screen marking that reduces the scope of human errors while transcribing results

Reduced Administrative Costs

Effectively manage the administrative processes of conducting exams with Questy and save time and resources

Real-time Result Analysis and Report Generation

Standardized evaluation of skills, knowledge and competencies is instrumental in forecasting future on-job-performance. Questy’s assessments measure employability across domains, the results are real-time and have detailed analytics to give valuable insights for overall evaluation.

Education Features

Extensive Library of Questions

In-build test library containing expertly curated questions of different difficulty levels to measure domain knowledge, aptitude, cognitive, behavioral, and technical skills

LMS Integration

Integrate Questy plugin with existing LMS, conduct high-quality and accurate assessments, identify the skill-gap, and catalyze better performance

Exhaustive Performance Reports

Generate insightful reports with details like percentage, percentile, a graphical view of questions & difficulty level, category-wise performance, and improvement recommendations

The Questy Distinction

Boost Your Placement Rates

Questy offers high quality innovative tests with varied difficulty level, hence the candidate selection criteria can be customised as per requirement. We take care of all logistics requirements hence coordination between placement cells and candidates is easily managed.

Emphasis on Security

With Questy we take the security first approach, the user management dashboard is embedded with features that grants appropriate access to the users. Questy also has a separate teachers and students’ logins and can thus conduct cheat-proof tests with IP Restriction and Browser Tolerance.

State-of-the-art Test Assembly Tool

With Questy you can easily create assessments either by selecting questions or by using its in-built automated tool, liner-on-the -fly testing (LOFT) to create randomized assessments.