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What is Questy?

Questy is a cloud-based online testing software for talent measurement. It is the best talent assessment software in India that caters to a number of corporate houses, hiring agencies and academic institutions for hiring interns, graduates and IT professionals. With its own database or question catalogue, Questy enables the recruiters to use the free resources and also create their own set of questions for evaluating talents. Follow some easy steps to create a test and shed the burden of individual screening. Validate the skillset with our enterprise-ready set of questions and do more!

Trusted by some of the eminent leaders in the industry, Questy boasts of being an efficient, quick and environment-friendly pre-employment testing software. The online assessments platform is safe and secure and gives error-free unbiased test results. Thanks to Questy, the HRs need not go through the lengthy and the annoying paperwork anymore. View or download test reports and wrap up the pre-hire selection process faster than ever before. It is a one-stop solution for your recruitment.

Selections based on Data Driven Decisions

Filter the best candidates based on quantitative data analysis

Identify high performers using Extensive Reports

A comprehensive functionality of reports is generated to identify how each candidate has performed in the assigned assessment test. Hence, Questy enables an assessor to gauge the performance and potential of every candidate; suitable to build a world-class team for your organization.

Speed up your
Recruitment Process

Questy’s impressive assessment to accelerate the recruitment process through a multi-purpose tool that has an array of test formats. It can be configured according to one’s own requirement and helps to filter according to different sections of the assessment.

Cut down on Costs

The thorough assessment process can be done in a paperless manner with Questy. Moreover, it helps in lowering costs of hiring and training; also, being effective on management of time and productivity.

Simplified Test Creation in 3 Easy Steps

Test creation couldn’t be any easier...

Automated Code Assessment

The fastest testing solution for conducting programming tests


Test & Compile Code

A simple interface to compile your code, test its results & work around the errors to achieve the expected results.

Code in Multiple Languages

Questy supports programming in 3 essential languages, used in majority of code assessments. Candidates can code in either C, C++, PHP, C#, JS, Python and Java.

Test Case based Compilation

Automated evaluation of the code using multiple pre-defined test cases, to ensure the validity of the code across scenarios.


Test conducted


Candidates Appeared


Code Assessments

Questy was made for organizations to simplify recruitment & save cost.

Hence, we created an Open Source version, that will be Free Forever!

But, we have also created an Enhanced version, with Endless Support & Endless Feature Updates!

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OPen source
Create Question Bank
Create a library of questions from an array of subject matters that help you assess the skills.
Conduct Customised Tests
Select questions from the question bank and create as many tests as required. Customize every section including tests as per your needs.
Web Hosting
Have no prior technical expertise? We will host dedicated service of Questy to conduct tests and create Questy catalogs for you.
Customer Care Support
Let us know your doubts/issues by chat, mail or call. Our customer support we will get them resolved.
Immediate Bug Fixing
Found a bug in our system? Feel free to contact us. Our Support team will help with troubleshooting and bug reporting.
Feature Updates
Want to customize Questy as per your special needs? Want a new feature? Just let us know and we will do that.

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