LMS integration

Reform examination process by integrating Questy plugin with Learning Management System (LMS). Save administration cost and time, and prepare students with more practice tests.

LMS Integration Benefits

Advanced Test Development

Explore professional testing options with Questy. Match international standards with Questy’s Front-end Coding and Programming assessments

Unique Tests Every Time

Leverage the benefits of Linear-on-the-fly testing (LOFT) to generate a new test, from the existing bank of approved questions, in real-time for each student

Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Get a detailed analysis of responses on individual questions with subscores, scaled scoring, feedback, and improvement tips

LMS Integration Features


Emphasis on security

Take a security-first approach with user management dashboard, separate teachers and students logins, and conduct cheat-proof tests with IP Restriction and Browser Tolerance


Superior Technical Learning

Allow students to view the output of their coding assessments in real-time, making them spot their mistakes and learn from them


Embed Online Assessments

Prepare high-quality assessments with just a few clicks. Plan and conduct hassle-free entrance tests, academic tests, or competitive exams


Ease of Evaluations

Eliminate the need to login to different platforms for online tests with Questy’s single platform. Give students the convenience of appearing for multiple online tests from a single login