Additional Features


AI Operation

Monitors the candidates’ responses to the specific questions and generates extensive reports of his area of strengths and weaknesses that needs improvement. Reduce bias in the recruitment process and save most of your time.


ATS Integration

Advanced application tracking system that automates the resume filtering and candidate follow-up processes by comparing the job requirement skills with candidates’ application.


Accurate End Results

Get the most accurate end results from your ultimate decision of hiring a candidate through the advanced assessment system. Right from sorting the resumes to producing exhaustive test results of each candidate, it provides you the best hire.


Reduced Recruitment Costs

Technologize yourself against the old traditional pen & paper system. Cut half your recruitment costs and time to hire the perfect match for your business. Questy conducts tests in multi-disciplinary areas online.


LMS Integration

Now make the students ready for the job with our advanced Learning Management System (LMS) where you’ll get hundreds of courses to polish their potential.