Basic Report(PDF)

A generalized report in PDF format that contains primary information about the participants like name, email id, score, percentage, and date of attempting the test of each candidate.


Detailed Report (Excel)

Being a detailed version of the basic report, the report in Excel format is composed of roll number, name, email id, contact number, test date, test start time, test status, marks obtained, total marks, and the link of the report of all the participants.


Individual Report

The individual report provides you a clear insight into the candidate’s performance, which helps you make an informed hiring decision. In addition to the candidate’s basic information, it contains their score; percentage; percentile; count of correct, incorrect & not attempted questions; and analysis of questions based on the difficulty level.

Job Assessment Report

A comprehensive job assessment report talks about the candidate’s suitability for the particular job position. It gives a detailed analysis of the candidate’s abilities in Logical Reasoning, Aptitude, Subjective, General Knowledge, and Verbal Ability to brief you about the person’s strengths and weaknesses.

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