Live Coding Benefits

How To Conduct Live Coding Test?

Choose Or Create


Choose a pre-built coding test using our extensive questions catalog or create your coding challenge.

Send Invite


Invite students online to attempt the coding challenge.

Send Invite

Invite students online to attempt the coding challenge.


Boost Students Coding Skills


Identify strong and weak areas of the students and help them improve their coding skills with the LMS.

Live Coding Features

Multiple Programming Languages

Empower students with an ability to code in multiple programming languages with Questy’s coding simulators that support multiple programming languages, namely, C, C++, PHP, C#, JS, Python, and Java.

Automated Assessment

Questy carries out an automated evaluation of code for correctness, style, quality, efficiency, and plagiarism to ensure accurate assessment of students’ coding skills.

Create Custom Coding Challenges

If you wish to bypass default coding tests, you can create your customized coding challenge using Questy’s vast questions catalog. Custom tests help you assess students in very specific areas.

Detailed Performance Reports

A comprehensive performance report generated at the end of each live coding test evaluates student’s performance on the basis of various code quality and efficiency parameters. Such detailed analysis helps one to identify their weaknesses and work on them.

Collaborative Coding Environment

With Questy, you can create a fully interactive interview experience where teachers watch students tackle coding challenge live, judge their coding skills, and provide productive feedback in real-time.

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