General Reports


Basic Report(PDF)

Questy generates a basic PDF report that contains general details like names, email ids, scores, percentages, and dates of the exam for all the students who appeared for the exam.


Detailed Report (Excel)

For a broader overview, a comprehensive report in the form of excel sheet is generated by Questy that contains roll number, name, email id, contact number, test data, test start time, test status, marks obtained, total marks, and link of the report for all participants.


Candidate Centric Reports


Individual Report

Individual reports make it extremely easy for teachers to evaluate the performance of each student. They contain primary information; score; percentage; percentile; the count of correct, incorrect, and not attempted questions; and analysis of solved questions based on the difficulty level. Such an in-depth report provides TPO a clear idea about the student’s capabilities.

Job Assessment Report

Job assessment report indicates job readiness of each student based on analysis of the candidate’s performance in each section, namely Logical Reasoning, Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Subjective and General Knowledge areas. This detailed report highlights the areas on which a student needs to work to become employable.

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