The key to the proper assessment of an individual is by utilizing the right evaluation tool. Just like a cricketer needs the right weight bat to swing the oncoming ball to a six; it’s essential to choose the right form of assessment tool to make your process vital.

To choose an exceptional assessment tool that incorporates all the features that you’re looking for is the fundamental success of an organization.

By incorporating an online assessment platform in the process of recruitment, all organizations can get a better opportunity to cater to the enormous pool of applicants applying for the available positions.

Benefits of an Online Assessment Tool

There are various assessment tools in the prevailing market. But it is essential to assess the features and benefits they offer before making the final choice. Below is a list of benefits that can give efficacious functionality to your business.

Decreased administration – Unlike traditional tests, Questy reduces the need to be physically present at the test location and supervise. It is equipped with modern technology that prevents unfair exam practices, conducts tests within given time, records answer choices and time taken by candidates, and calculates the score eliminating human error.

Efficient results – Once the test is submitted, the result can be efficiently and automatically calculated as per the positive and negative scoring set by the test taker. Hence, making the process quicker and result oriented.

Detailed reports – A detailed analysis depicted through pie-charts makes it easy to spot the attempted questions, their difficulty level, and their results; therefore, making the whole analyzing process time and cost-effective.

100% security – It is important the test is secure and special IP restriction feature could be enabled to assign it to only those IP addresses that are going to take the test.

Improvises the hiring process – The procedure of analyzing candidates using the online assessment platform enables employers to choose the best suitable candidate for the respective positions. It also gives the recruiters the opportunity to connect to the maximum number of candidates, thus reducing bad hires.

Precise grading – The programmed grading process make the test precise and free of human errors. Hence, being assured of no mistakes being caused and increasing productivity.

Global participation – The online assessment platform makes it accessible to individuals from any part of the globe to access and allocate tests with the help of a shareable link. Also, giving a candidate the chance to take the test from anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

Zero bias – The test results are systematic and zero bias towards any candidate. These tests will enable a candidate to be selected on the basis of their competency, skills, and talent.

How to select the appropriate online assessment platform?

There are various factors that need to be taken into considerations while planning an online assessment platform such as the objective, level of test, authentication, and dependability.

Questy caters to all the above-mentioned considerations to make it a tool that would make your work well-organized and effective.

Questy is a cloud-based, online, paperless proficiency testing platform. It helps various organizations to conduct pre-employment assessments, internal tests, and campus hiring. Questy also offers coding assessment facility which is instrumental in the IT sector. It allows the authorized users to curate test papers, share the links with the intended public and screen the applicants.

Business organizations and academic institutions can get started by visiting us at . Companies may use this for interviewing candidates, campus hiring, internal evaluation of employees; similarly, the colleges and schools may conduct semester/weekly tests, mock rounds using Questy. Using our online coding assessment system, the IT firms can assess the skills of the candidates.

Make the smart choice and select a good assessment platform because it’s vital for the success of building a highly talented team.

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