Online Assessment System

INDVSTRVS published an article which states that more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use online assessment to recruit candidates. This shows how important the online assessment tools are for hiring job-fit candidates.

With the evolution of IT and other industries, the way candidates are hired has also evolved. Online assessment tools help in candidate screening, time & cost reduction, while overcoming geographical constraints, thus more efficient than the pen and paper assessments. They have increased the recruiters’ overall productivity leading to an increase in enhanced efficiency of the hiring process.

Currently, a lot of companies use online assessment instead of traditional hiring methods for hassle-free recruitment. Mainly because online assessment systems reduce hiring & administrative costs and increase hiring efficiency.

Moreover, recruiters can get data-driven, unbiased & in-depth insights on the candidate’s performance and can decide whether to hire a particular candidate or not. But, choosing the right online assessment tool that fulfills your company’s requirements while helping you hire the top talent who is job-fit & cultural-fit is a challenging task.

How To Choose The Right Online Assessment Tool?

Types Of Tests

The online assessment system should offer various types of domain-specific tests to hire candidates for different departments. Tests can range from general knowledge, behavioral, personality, coding and technical tests. 

It becomes easy to screen candidates in the first round with behavioral & general knowledge tests whereas domain-specific tests are used for hiring candidates for different departments. 

Question Library

Having an extensive library of questions in an assessment tool makes sure that the questions will not be repeated when tests are conducted for a group of candidates at the same time. 

Evaluation & Reports

An online assessment system that provides data-driven insights and detailed evaluation can help the recruiters in understanding the candidates’ performance. Comprehensive reports can help recruiters understand the section-wise performance of candidates and help in efficient decision making during the hiring process. 

Technical Assistance

Check whether technical assistance, back-end support, and customer service are available 24X7 or whenever required. A good technical support team and customer service are important for an online assessment system to function properly.

E.g. If the recruiter faces some issues while conducting the online assessment for a candidate who is in a different time zone and geographical location will resolve the issues immediately if technical support is available. However, if the technical assistance isn’t available promptly, then the recruiter will have to reschedule the test which is time-consuming as well as affects the organization’s image. 

LMS Integration

It should be easy to integrate the online assessment system with your existing LMS because LMS has limited assessment capabilities. In this way, it becomes easy to use LMS & create learning programs or conduct online assessment tests from a single system. 

Seamless Candidate Experience

Due to LMS integration with an online assessment tool, it also becomes possible to provide a seamless user experience to candidates thus, allowing recruiters & HR personnel to manage the creation of learning programs and conducting tests through a single software or tool. 

Additionally, if the user interface of the online assessment tool is simple, it becomes easy for the candidates to use the tool thus providing a seamless user experience to the candidates during tests. 

Easy To Use & Scalable

The online assessment system should be easy to use and easy to integrate. The recruiters will not prefer using a complicated system as they will have to dedicate more time and effort to understand the working of the system. 

Additionally, the online assessment tool should also be scalable because the organization requires better systems to match its needs as it grows. So, having a tool that can accommodate the growing requirements of an organization will be preferred by the recruiters. 

Brand Creation

An assessment tool should allow an organization to add its logo, brand name on the assessment pages, certificates, and reports. When an assessment tool has an option to allow the organization to do white labeling and brand creation, it helps the organization to confirm its brand value amongst the candidates and other users. 


An assessment tool should have a dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view to the recruiter about the candidates’ progress. This will help the recruiters in filtering out the candidates who don’t match the criteria. 

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring helps maintain the integrity of the tests by making them cheat-proof. Online video proctoring and screen capture are available for supervised or unsupervised proctoring. Moreover, the browser tolerance feature allows the recruiter to set the browser tolerance level to stop candidates from cheating. 


Choosing the best online assessment tool is easy if you consider all the aspects mentioned above. However, as a recruiter or HR personnel, you should first define your needs and goals for hiring candidates that match your organization’s goals for hiring cultural-fit & job-fit candidates.

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