Recruit the Right Candidate From 15 Million

The global workforce is enormous with over 3 billion people and more than 15 million people search online for jobs every year. To be able to understand how to optimize jobs for the potential candidate is now an essential skill for talent acquisition professionals.

By searching various websites, recruiters can shortlist candidates they require but whether they are the right fit for the position is something that will require a proper assessment. Mostly, the screening process takes about 10 to 15 days and that is a very long time.

Before we go ahead, let’s understand why it is important to screen a candidate thoroughly. A lot of individuals do not put forth factual data in their resume and recruiters find discrepancies while hiring them.

They can manage to complete process without oodles of paperwork and yet the results are 100% accurate. The best part is that it’s not limited to a specific industry. Questy can cater to an array of sectors like corporate organizations, recruitment agencies and academic institutions for hiring interns, graduates and even IT professionals.

Furthermore, Questy comes with pre-built library with over 3000+ ready to use questions. To create a good test paper, an assessor can combine questions from the sections such as, analytical reasoning, communication skills, personality tests. In addition to this, one also has an option to create and customize questions as and when required.

Easy-to-use approach, and a fast and responsive cloud infrastructure makes Questy one of the most sought after online testing platforms.

This process revolutionizes and brings forth a one-stop solution to every talent recruitment professional. It enables to minimize on the cost and maximize the productivity and efficiency.