What is Questy?

Questy is a cloud-based, online, paperless proficiency testing platform. It helps various organisations to conduct pre-employment assessments, internal tests and campus hiring.

Questy also offers coding assessment facility which is instrumental in the IT sector. It allows the authorized users to curate test papers, share the links with the intended public and screen the applicants.

Who can use Questy?

Business organisations and academic institutions can use our service. Companies may use this for interviewing candidates, campus hiring, internal evaluation of employees; similarly, the colleges and schools may conduct semester/weekly tests, mock rounds using Questy.

Using our online coding assessment system, the IT firms can assess the skills of the candidates.

Which languages do you support?

Currently we support English. You can write the test questions, create catalogs in English language. Use of numeric values and special characters are also supported. We hope to include few more languages in the near future.

How to create an account?

If you represent your organisation or institution, you can easily create an account. To sign up, you need to fill in some basic details such as the name of your organization, your name, mail ID and contact number. To sign up now follow the link: https://questy.xyz/register.

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password and locked out, don’t worry. Click the forgot password link. Provide your registered email ID and click Send Password Reset Link. Go to your mailbox and follow the link given in the mail to reset your password.

How do I update my account details and password?

In order to update account information, please login to your account with your registered mail ID and password. Now, click on account_circle. There you can view your account info.

To change password, click on the Change Password link. To to edit your name, contact number and update profile info, click mode_edit. Please note, your mail ID associated with Questy cannot be edited.

How to create a test?

To create a test, the admin or user needs to assign a test name, select questions from the catalog, select schedule and it’s done. Need more details? Learn how to create a test here.

Is the Question Catalog free to use?

To make your job easy, Questy comes with a built-in Question catalog that includes sections like GK and English. As a privileged Questy user, you have a free access to our question catalogue.

In addition to this, you can also create your own question bank and create a separate custom-built catalog which is also free.

How does Questy calculate the score?

Questy calculates the results based on the marks set for each question. The score is calculated based on the marks defined for each question when the questions are being added.

After a test taker submits his/her answers, Questy will calculate the score depending on the number of questions attempted, correct answers and marks assigned to each question.

When does it publish the results?

The test conductor can view the result immediately after the test is over. Questy publishes the test result in the form of raw score, percentage and percentile.

The test conductor may download the entire test result or view/download individual reports. Whether to share the test score with the test takes or not is the discretion of the test conductor.

How to test coding skills and submit the answers?

The test conductor needs to to define the problem and also the test cases. As an examinee submits the answers and Questy calculates the result based on the inputs.

Is Questy free to use?

In order to create catalogs and tests, the users need not pay anything. To conduct tests, you have to select your plan and make a nominal payment. To know more about payments, feel free to contact us.

Is my data safe and secure?

Starting from user information and login credentials to test papers, your information is safe with us. To learn more about our privacy policy, Click Here.

How do I contact the customer support team?

To reach us, you can mail our customer support team at link and someone will respond to your queries at the earliest. You can also reach us by phone and the number is +91-9978-23-6216.

How does the Programming Assessment work?

  • Use our programming questions catalog or create your custom programming questions;
  • Define test cases to evaluate attendee's code;
  • During test, attendee's code will be verified by Questy using defined test cases, and results will be displayed to attendee as well as in reports;
  • It will also display attempts and time taken by code to run all test cases.

How to make the test secure & avoid cheating?

We have developed mechanism called Browser Tolerance which automatically checks if an attendee leaves test window during test. If we detect that attendee is cheating then we will warn him and after warning we will automatically end attendee's test session.

How to subscribe or make a payment for the service?

Once you decide the plan or subscription type, please leave us a message and we will send you the payment link. All you need to do is follow the link and make the payment using card or internet banking.

How many programming languages do you support?

Currently we support six (6) programming languages- Java, Javascript, Python, C, C++ and PHP. We will also add more languages in the recent future. Stay tuned.

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