Save Time and Resources with online Pre-hire Assessment Tools

To answer your questions, we have conducted an extensive research bringing the most interesting facts from credible sources. You’d be surprised to see that the research organizations have proved time and again that provided the right type of pre-hire assessment tools selected, organizational costs for hiring and the time involved can be significantly brought down.

Pre-hire assessment tools not only accelerate the accuracy in hiring but also slashes down hiring costs and time. In a recent study, Deloitte has projected that one of the Australian companies could have saved almost AUD $1.1 million if had opted for this tool, without which they lost AUD $800,000 over the period of 12 months.

As we go into more details, we extract the information on the benefits of using pre-employment assessment software involved in saving costs and time which you’ll find below:

Speed Up the Hiring Process

Screening is one of the first steps to the hiring process. Instead of manually screening individual candidates, pre-hire assessment tools facilitate mass screening. This reduces the time invariably. Manual screening of the candidates is a boring, painstaking and never-ending process.

Questy’s helps you to automate the candidate screening process eliminating unnecessary administrative responsibilities. With our hassle-free candidate skill assessment, you can use your time interviewing only the best candidates to speed up the hiring process.

Our pre-hire assessment platform offers seamless skill testing services that offer a library that’s full of questions from different fields so that you need not spend time setting question paper. Select the questions of your choice and send out invitations to the online test to as many applicants. Once the test is over you can download the report and select eligible candidates for the interview based on the results.

Cut Down Excess Hiring Cost

To find that ‘one in a thousand’ best-match for the job profile, either you have to undergo the regular recruiting methods or outsource the work to the recruitment agencies. On one side, traditional screening and hiring methods are painstakingly time-consuming and in some cases, erroneous. On the other, outsourcing can prove an expensive affair and does not always guarantee you the best hire.

Questy not only accelerates the accuracy in hiring but also reduces administration hassle & money up to 90% so you can concentrate on what’s important.

Appropriately matching job-seeker profiles with the job description, eligibility criteria, essential qualification increases the chances of employee engagement with the organization and value-add to the culture.

Statistically speaking, a perfect match for the profile can save as much as 30% of the organization cost with the help of increased employee engagement, and Questy helps you to do exactly by finding the right match!

Turn Environment-friendly

Turning environment-friendly also has its perks. You can save stationary costs and time consumed for the file management.

Pre-employment skill testing tools are have already started to revolutionize the world. Given its benefits, our online assessment platform, Questy is a must for organizations. Join us today for a fruitful tomorrow!