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Digitization has changed and individualized the human resources department in many waysA number of digital innovations in recent years particularly concern the possibilities of communicating with one another. 

HR teams that were not used to remote recruiting before the COVID-19 crisis have now learned how important video interviews are in remote recruiting. The number of companies that are choosing to modernize their hiring process is increasing all the time. Especially now, when face-to-face interviews are not always possible, companies that still want to recruit key professionals for their company need to learn to switch to video interviews and implement a remote recruiting strategy.  

That in turn means that companies have to react just as quickly. The time for a written answer is often too long, let alone looking for a suitable date and again waiting or letting days pass. Applicants quickly lose interest. Excellent applicants may already have landed with a competitor during this time. Nowadays, employee’s selection has to be quick. Thanks to video interviews, additional information can be obtained just as quickly and easily, references can be sent around the globe and video interviews can be conducted without a lengthy search for appointments and these can also be easily distributed in-house. 

With a video interview, the recruiting process is professionalized in the long term. Speed, cost transparency and simplicity are further characteristics that speak for the use of video interviews. In addition to real-time video interviews, recorded applicant videos can also be used to gain a better personal impression of candidates. Recorded applicant videos are increasingly used to find out more about the candidates immediately after receipt of the application documents and to be able to carry out a targeted pre-sorting of a large number of applicants. 

Questy is one of the early providers of technology useful for enhancing the recruitment process. As a recruiter, you can leverage our technology and data-driven online talent assessment platform to identify the right candidate profile. Drive your business goals while saving crucial time & resources with Questy!

Let’s address the top queries to see how Questy is emerging as the new game changer for recruiters. 

  • Does recruiting with Questy result in better candidate fine-tuning? 
  • Greater naturalness in the application process with Questy 
  • What is Questy’s Live Video Assessment feature all about? 
  • The numerous advantages of Live Video Assessment
  • Conclusion – Many advantages, zero pitfalls

Does recruiting with Questy result in better candidate fine-tuning? 

The advantages and added value of a video interview via Questy for HR professionals are manifold. Successful companies use video job interviews, for example, in the pre-selection process. After an initial review of all application documents received, shortlisted candidates will receive an appointment for a video interview. Instead of a telephone interview, the video interview allows you to get to know the applicant not only phonetically, but also visually and thus more authentically. 

In this way, some aspirants, who after reviewing the application documents, were not among the first choice, were able to convince HR staff due to their professional appearance, their will, and their friendly charisma. The acceptance and implementation of video applications, therefore, promotes fine-tuning in recruiting. It allows every decision-maker to decide, based on the sum of all information, facts, and personal impressions, whether a candidate might fit the company. 

With the global nature of businesses, the increase in remote working trend, and the requirement for certain position holders to be effective digital communicators, the video interview also serves the purpose of gauging candidates on their ability to work effectively in the digital workplace. 

Greater naturalness in the application process with Questy
Video interview also has added value for HR managers they you get to know the candidates more naturally, and more authentically than at an official job interview at the company’s premise. Even if a candidate experiences nervousness and tension at the beginning (as a new user) the familiar atmosphere and comfort of personal surroundings will quickly facilitate the candidate through this novel interview experience. This gives the candidate an opportunity to speak more naturally and informally about personal and career goalsGestures, facial expressions, and voice tone also give the recruiter an impression of the overall personality of the candidate.

What is Questy’s Live Video Assessment feature all about? 

If you are looking for skilled workers locally or globally and are therefore looking for new employees for various locations around the world? Questy Video Assessment Feature helps you shortlist the best candidates in real-time without you needing to remain present on site. 

This new way of conducting an assessment for a job interview is particularly useful when there are large geographical distances between the company and the candidate or when there are tight deadlines and the recruiters have too much work on hand. It can be performed at a specified time via video or time-shifted via recording and storage options.

The numerous advantages of Live Video Assessment 

The advantages that you get from this amazing feature are obvious. Here’s a list: 

Cheat-proof exams 

Many people are of the opinion that online exams invite cheating, at least compared to traditional paper assessments. But here is Questy with the solution for you. With Questy’s Live Assessment feature, Questy can now record the audio and video of the job candidates for you. All you need to do is create the right set of questions and send the link for the assessment to your candidates. 

TIP: If candidates are adequately prepared, they shouldn’t have to think long as they fill in the answers. Unprepared candidates sit longer at their assessments. Our solution to this is a timer in our Live Video Assessments. The candidate opens the link, enters the necessary details, and he is taking a live video test with ZERO chances of him trying to cheat. 

Remote Hiring 

Some companies and hiring managers may be reluctant to go completely virtual when hiring for a variety of reasons. Aside from being a little easier to find specialized skills, there are several key benefits to remotely hiring candidates. These benefits include: 

Lower recruitment costs: In the world of recruiting, it is important to keep the cost of hiring people down. Hiring a candidate remotely makes the process faster and the job posting can take into account that working remotely is one of the benefits. 

Better use of time and resources: Remote hiring can help to streamline recruitment procedures, since much of the interaction between candidates and recruiters via email phone and virtual meetings is given. There is no need to keep chasing the candidate as everything is done remotely.  

Candidates are used to internet-based technology: Another benefit of hiring candidates remotely has to do with their natural inclination to use the internet for most of their career functions. This is another way to find more tech-savvy candidates. 

Facilitate Fast Recruiting 

It has long been no secret that the former employer market has meanwhile developed into an employee market – a shortage of skilled candidates as far as the eye can see.  

But what can you do to find and win new talent as quickly as possible? Or what do you do when you have multiple candidates applying for the same position and many of whom are not even in the same city? Is interviewing each one of them feasible?  

Questy makes it feasible for you. Our Live Video Assessment feature enables candidates to take tests on live audio and video which remain at your disposal anytime anywhere. Now you can shortlist candidates for the interview with ease. And if you want to shortlist them depending on either on their preference of relocation or their performance in the Live AssessmentThe videos are with you and there’s no one stopping you! 

Record & Review 

Videos are recorded and uploaded to the Questy servers as soon as the candidates are done with the tests. You get the notification as and when a candidate appears for the test. The next thing for you to do is play the videos, assess, and shortlist the candidates based on your criteria.  

Recorded assessment videos provide decision-makers with an assessment aid and provide the first point of reference about the applicant if there is very little personal time invested. Recorded applicant videos do not replace the necessary decision-making dialogue between the HR manager and the candidate as part of a personal application interview. Rather, they are an upstream, additional measure to further professionalize the candidate preselection and to filter out the most suitable candidates. Especially for popular positions with a large number of interested applicants, it makes sense to use recorded assessment videos as an additional aid to decision-making. 

Time & Place Convenience 

Live Video Assessments using Questy can essentially be compared to a face-to-face assessment. The only difference is the spatial separation of the two interviewers and the candidate. 

In terms of the time required by the HR manager, a video assessment can also be equated with a personal interview. However, the applicant does not have to travel to the interview location, so this type of interview has clear advantages for candidates. Also, you are not bound to watch the video immediately after the candidate completes the assessment. Isn’t that an advantage for you too?  

Option of Open & Closed Tests 

What do you do when you don’t have the data of the candidates who are going to appear for the interview? Questy Live Video Assessment feature now enables you to create open or closed tests according to your needs. You can create tests for such candidates through a public link that needs to be shared with the candidates for them to appear for the test. The candidate can then open the link and take the test after filling in their details such as name, email id, and contact number. A close test on the other hand can be given to the candidate when you have all the details of the number of candidates that are to appear for the live video assessment. 

Download videos 

Recorded applicant videos are used in many companies at a very early stage of the recruiting process, immediately after the assessment has been received. These records are stored digitally and evaluated by HR staff as a first impression and application indicator. The Questy platform also offers you the option to download these live video assessments into your local disks and watch them while you are offline too. 

Many advantages, zero pitfalls 

Questy’s Live Video Assessment is an efficient and cost-effective that will help you get to know many candidates without much effort. With Questy you can optimize the overall recruiting processBesides the fact that the hiring of quality candidates will increase, the risk of bad hires will decrease substantially. The Live Video Assessment feature is an amalgamation of smart algorithms, data science, and computing power to bring out more accurate and measurable insights than humanly-interpreted data. 

Help your team be more efficient and productive with our new and improved Questy platform. To learn more, take a free demo now!