How Online Recruitment Tools Help Build a Positive Employer Image

As per a study by LinkedIn, employee turnover can be reduced by 28% and cost per hire by 50% if an employer brand is strong and has a positive image.   

All the business organizations care about is their reputation as employers. Especially now, due to digital transformation, when there’s a very thin line between recruiting and marketing. So, what makes your employer brand outstanding? Many factors can help your employer brand differentiate from others.     

Currently, when everything is done digitally and through social media, the differentiation factor is pivotal to create a positive brand image.    

Some of the questions that arise are:  

  1. What is it that your organization does differently for your employees that others don’t?  
  2. Is your recruitment process transparent, structured, and aligned?  
  3. Do you use the online recruitment process to simplify it?  
  4. Does your brand have a clear vision and purpose?  
  5. Is your online presence great on digital platforms?  
  6. Do you offer great career opportunities?  

 With the current pandemic spread globally, organizations prefer that their employees work from home. Even the recruiters or the HR carry out the recruitment process while working from home. And the candidates appear for interviews and tests from the comfort of their houses or any other remote location.   

 Since the recruitment process is now carried out online, online recruitment tools like Questy are used to complete the process. Questy is a recruitment tool that offers both Enterprise and Education solutions for corporations and educational institutions respectively.  

 Benefits of using Questy for recruitment:  

    7. Simplifies the process of hiring an organization fit talent
    8. Enhances recruitment efficiency
    9. Reduces hiring costs
   10. Aligns the recruitment process and streamlines the selection
   11. Provides advance in-depth analytics on candidates’ performance and much more  

However, you’ll further ask, why use this online tool for the recruitment process? Well, there are certain best practices brands need to follow to create a positive brand image and become a preferred employer.   

As per a recent study by Talent Board, the top priority for recruiters in the year 2020 will be employer branding. Building and promoting your brand as a good employer will result in good ROI and help you attract talented candidates that are suitable for your organization.  

Let’s take a look at 5 best practices for employer brand building using the online recruitment tool – Questy:  

  1. Transparent recruitment process 
    An efficient, structured, and transparent recruitment process aims at finding the right candidate at the right time for an organization. Transparency in all the five phases of recruitment is necessary, i.e., from planning to strategy development to searching, screening, and evaluation. This transparency in the recruitment process reflects professionalism and will help attract the right candidates.    
    Questy helps in remote recruitment and can help you easily identify the job role and competency. You can create accurate job descriptions, identify competencies, create job roles, and assess & identify candidates accordingly.  

  2. Communication 
    Questy also has an integrated online video interviewing software. Using this software, the organization’s hiring managers can always have transparent and open communication with the candidates throughout the recruitment process. Moreover, online proctoring during the interview can be done for cheat-proof assessments of candidates. 
    It helps in keeping the candidates informed about the status of their recruitment and their performance. This saves time and increases the efficiency of the recruitment process as well as the time to hire. 

  3. Real-time analytics and reports 
    Questy provides comprehensive, real-time reports and analytics for candidates’ assessments. These reports provide in-depth insights on the performance of candidates that can drive hiring decisions and decide the suitability of candidates for the job roles. The reports can be generated on demand that ranges from primary, detailed to individual ones, based on the requirements of a recruiter.
  4. Evidence-based hiring and decision making 
    Based on these real-time analytics and comprehensive reports, Questy helps recruiters in evidence-based hiring. This further helps in the decision-making process that incorporates the factors that are predictive of job outcomes. 
    Evidence-based hiring leads to improved job outcomes, helps recruiters find the right talents that are fit for the job roles and, will stay and work for a longer time in the organization. 

  5. Alignment of the recruitment process with job roles & competency 
    A bias-free recruitment process is imperative for any organization and is also its biggest challenge. Since Questy is an online recruitment tool, it helps in eliminating the bias and aligns the recruitment process with job roles & competencies.   


Example: The perceptions of the candidate may be different from the actual job role. Questy can help in recognizing such perceptions of candidates early on via assessments and then through detailed reports. Thus, evidence-based hiring and comprehensive reports will lead to the alignment of recruitment goals with the job roles and required competencies.     


Using Questy – an online tool for hiring, especially in times of pandemic is preferable since it will help in determining the right fit talent and in eliminating even the unintentional biases of recruiters. For more details on Questy and how it can help your business, please visit our website.