Increase Your Hiring Efficiency and Reduce Recruitment Costs with Questy

Online recruitment tools, also known as e-recruitment tools, virtual recruitment, or online hiring tools are software solutions that allow enterprises and organizations to hire the best-suited candidates. Companies have already started shifting their recruitment strategies to online recruitment tools, and the pandemic has acted as a catalyst in this shift. 

One of the primary reasons for this shift is to reduce hiring costs. Enterprises now want to find ways to minimize cost-per-hire for the effective utilization of funds and to find the right talent. Listed are some of the points on how to reduce time to recruit and hiring costs with Questy – an online recruitment tool. 

Here are some benefits offered by Questy, an online recruitment tool that caters to all the needs of organizations: 

  1. Outreach
    Online recruitment helps overcome geographical barriers and increases the company’s outreach. This not only enables the statistical analysis of the company’s presence at local, national, and international levels, but it also aids in a larger scope of hiring. Moreover, Questy helps in gathering data of candidates required for a particular job role.  
  1. Efficiency
    Recruitment is a tedious job. It takes up hours and hours of tests and interviews to finally choose suitable candidates for the job. Questy helps the recruitment team by providing automated assessments that eliminate repetitive tasks, human biases, and errors. Questy helps in automating tests and assessments, thus reducing the time to recruit during the interview process. This streamlines the work of HR teams and increases the efficiency of the recruitment process.   
  1. Elimination of manual work
    Questy automates workflows, thus evicting the need for manual evaluation of test assessments, generation of reports, and screenings of the candidates. This means a smaller number of people would be required in the recruitment team which will serve as an advantage to minimize cost-per-hire.   
  1. Reduce hiring costs
    Recruitment is an expensive task. The average hiring cost as per Glassdoor is approximately $4000 which can be a hefty sum for enterprises. The entire hiring process shifting online implies zero travel costs to the test assessment and interview locations. It also cancels out the expenditure on infrastructure which in turn helps to minimize the cost-per-hire. Questy is your one-stop solution to reduce hiring costs by automating the entire recruitment workflow.    
  1. Data insights and In-depth analysis
    While hiring manually, there are chances that the recruiters miss out on some critical skills a candidate possesses and reject a potentially suitable hire. Questy not only helps conduct customized assessments but also automatically generates detailed performance reports. The reports provide deep insights into the candidate’s performance as well as give hiring recommendations to recruiters. Questy also gives a comparative analysis of different candidates for better selection.   
  1. Build your Brand image
    Online recruitment not only reduces hiring costs, but it also helps in building a brand image. Online recruitment with Questy gives a seamless user experience to both recruiters and the candidates. It enhances the user experience with fully automated recruitment procedures, interviews, generation of in-depth reports, prompt communication using cutting-edge technology.   


Recruitment is a tedious and tiresome task which also burns a big hole in the organization’s pocket. Businesses can reduce these costs with Questy, an online recruitment tool. Enterprises have started transitioning to online tools to reduce hiring costs and expedite the hiring process. Online recruitment tools are a boon for both the candidates and the recruiters during this pandemic period.   

With so much transition, a cutting-edge recruitment tool that offers a seamless experience to the companies and also helps to minimize cost-per-hire is the need of the hour. Questy provides a wide variety of features from fully-automated assessments to proctoring to live interviews. It gives a hassle-free and seamless user experience for both the recruiters and the candidates alike.