Recruiting Strategies

Industries and businesses across the globe are battling against the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Long term business sustainability is an area of concern for both businesses and industries. Businesses must address their biggest challenges and overcome the current crisis by formulating a strategic road-map for sustenance.

With mandatory travel bans, last-minute cancellations of business conferences, quarantines, remote work is in force, it is a balancing act for companies between the health and safety of their employees and sustainability of their business. Human resource personnel are scrambling to come up with strategies for recruitment and other internal processes. Organizations and businesses are taking measures to protect their employees, while the employees are adjusting to the new norm ‘Remote work’. 

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Job seekers face the dilemma of being able to find a new position, or whether the position they applied for is still open and has not been put on hold due to the current scenario.

According to Forbes, ‘The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly changing how every organization is attracting, recruiting, and retaining employees on their virtual teams, making remote work the new normal.’

This brings us to an interesting realization that existing recruitment procedures and methodologies were designed for one-to-one personal interaction rather than virtual ones. The legacy Human Resource Systems are unable to scale up and meet the newly presented challenges. And since they were designed and built as transaction processing systems to handle routine or specific processes necessary to conduct a task, they can’t help to determine the candidate’s potential.

It is time to close the existing gap between old school legacy systems and new-age virtual recruiting systems by keeping evaluation of candidate potential at the epicenter.

Virtual Recruitment: The recruiting strategy for the current scenario

The current uncertain market and industry scenario does not mean that no one is hiring, in fact, several companies have increased their hiring efforts.

‘It is reported that e-commerce companies are experiencing about 80-90 percent manpower shortage.’ People Matters

E-commerce and grocery providers such as BigBasket, Amazon & Flipkart are actively hiring on-ground staff to handle the increased demand from customers.

Virtual job fairs and events, complete remote recruitment, a personalized career path of the candidate with deeper insights, are fast becoming the new order of the day. It is not surprising that the human resource recruitment strategy is undergoing a complete transformation to keep pace with the changing times.


Time to lean on ‘Technology’ to manage ‘Human Resource Recruitment Strategy’.

Technology has emerged as a winner during this time of uncertainty, HR teams are shifting processes to keep track of all recruitment activities. For all recruitment related activities, it is time to think beyond traditional networks and tap into more diverse talent pools through technology.

According to a report published by Gartner, ‘Spending on cloud HR software is increasing faster than spending on installed or on-premises HR software. HR cloud solutions will constitute 50% or more of all HR technology spending.’

Cloud-based online assessment tool- Questy can help Human Resources teams establish a clear line of process and communication to hire people remotely.

Virtual recruitment tools are refining the digital recruitment approach by facilitating cross-team communication, collaboration, and productivity.


Other advantages of Virtual Recruitment Tools

Easier Onboarding of Candidates: The all-in-one approach helps in a smooth transition from recruitment to other on-boarding activities.

Consistent User Experience: The new hire has a chance to become more familiar with the platform/tool. Since there are multiple interactions during the interview process, the platform provides brand consistency.

Secure: Since there are no or limited external data transition instances, the data input is secure for both HR and candidates.

Employer Branding: Top talent naturally leans towards employer brands that are well known. Virtual recruiting systems help to position the employer brand, build credibility, and attract the most desirable candidates.

Candidate Relationship Management: Since these tools center wholly on the candidate, they also build a proactive relationship with the candidates.

Candidate Workflow Tracking: Human resource recruitment strategies are most successful when there are pre-determined workflow tracks for different job profiles. Virtual recruiting systems bring efficiency to the whole recruiting journey.

Talent Assessment: The system provides a chance for bias-free assessments, it automatically filters questions by matching pre-selected keywords to conduct assessments.

Reports, Dashboards & Visualization: The system allows the user to track the performance of the candidate, generate evaluation reports, calculate cost per hire, and manage the recruiting pipeline effectively.

Integrations and Plug-ins: Most online platforms allow ATS and LMS integrations so that the new tool fits seamlessly into the existing workflow.


To sum up!

Adapting and improving virtual recruitment is a priority in the current scenario, it is time for HR professionals and recruiters to take action if they want to stay on top of their game. Companies who want to win talent war are already looking at ways to excel at virtual recruiting. Having a talent assessment platform that gives end-to-end visibility, can be personalized is the real future of complete talent management.

Questy is an online recruitment tool that automates and streamlines the entire recruitment process from shortlisting candidates, conducting online assessments to online interviews, and generating reports.


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