Online Recruitment

COVID-19 pandemic has compelled most companies to go fully remote and made work from home, the new normal. Not being physically present in the office and meeting people is hindering recruitments, but it cannot stop companies from filling critical positions. Online recruitments are fast replacing traditional hiring methods.

 The current situation has forced companies to come up with innovative recruitment strategies and change the way they attract, recruit, and retain employees. They are now looking for motivated, responsive, and accountable candidates, who are capable of working independently and who can prioritize results over activities.

 Internet recruiting has risen the need for new-age recruitment and talent measurement tools. Legacy HR tools have failed to scale up as they were never built to carry out the entire recruitment process remotely. New and advanced recruitment tools, capable of end-to-end online recruitment while maintaining the quality of hire, are the need of the hour.

 Candidate potential is at the center of the architecture of these new online recruitment tools. They are designed to give personal experience with one-on-one online interviews as well as management convenience.

 While many new recruitment tools claim to help companies go completely remote in their hiring efforts, it is critical to examine them for their abilities before trusting them. Let’s take a look at what components contribute to the right online recruitment tool that is apt for remote hiring. 

Essentials of the right tool for online recruitment

Competency mapping & automated job descriptions

Competencies are the basis of candidate screening, and choosing the appropriate proficiencies needed for a particular job role is vital. The right internet recruitment tool offers an in-built database of competencies for selection. 

It has advanced features allowing recruiters to define the weightage for each skill. It also automates job descriptions based on these inputs to save the time and efforts of recruiters.


In addition to integration with resume screening mechanisms, the right remote recruitment tool offers unique features for the implementation of effective recruitment strategies and practices. It brings a new perspective to the candidate screening process with Interviewee Only Test or One-way interview that does not require the presence of an interviewee and allows mass screenings of diverse candidates. 

Job seekers can answer pre-recorded questions at a time, date, and place of their choice and send back their responses for evaluation.

Online Assessments

While screening mechanisms help to shortlist suitable candidates from a large pool of job seekers, assessments help in identifying the talent possessing the essential job-skills. Online, expertly designed, cheat-proof assessments help examine the professional, behavioral, and cognitive skills of candidates before taking them to the next round of internet recruitment. 

The right online recruitment tool provides an in-built library of assessment questions of different types and varying difficulty to allow recruiters to quickly create and schedule tests and recognize candidates having the required competencies.

Online Remote Proctoring

As traditional assessment methods are authenticated via manual proctoring, remote proctoring helps in maintaining the integrity of online assessments and interviews. The right internet recruitment tool offers Live Proctoring, Image Proctoring, and Record and Review Proctoring options. Different types of proctoring are helpful in varied situations and serve different purposes for the recruiters.

Live Coding Tests

Innovative recruitment strategies for hiring technical talent include online proctored coding tests. Most recruiters like to see the candidates while they code to understand their thought process and domain expertise. The right remote recruitment tool helps them do so with Live Coding Tests, where the recruiter can not only see but also interact with the candidate in real-time.

Live Interview and Assessment

Personal interviews have formed an essential part of the recruitment process for years as they give recruiters a chance to evaluate the candidates better. An apt tool for online recruitment allows interviewers to interview the candidate face-to-face online and gauge their responses as well as cross-examine them on their responses in real-time. 

It also provides the facility to record the interview and allows all the other recruitment stakeholders to review it at a later time and date to facilitate collaborative hiring. It offers easy scheduling, pre-preparation, and conduction of the Live Assessment and Interview with a few simple steps and gives a smooth online interaction experience to both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Automated Reports

The right online recruitment tool saves crucial recruitment hours by automating detailed competency-based reports for every candidate, as well as a consolidated report giving the comparative analysis of the performance of all the candidates. It offers AI-driven recommendations by identifying candidates most suitable for the job position.

Hire remotely with the right online recruitment tool

COVID-19 requires the entire world to put safety ahead of everything. Online recruitment is the safest mode of hiring in these circumstances, and it brings value-added benefits such as lower time and cost to hire, evidence-based hiring, and optimum use of technology for making informed decisions.

There is no need to stop your recruitments, you can grow your team by adopting the right Remote Hiring Tool to assist your recruitment goals.

If you are seeking to go remote in your hiring efforts, contact us to know how you can do it quickly and accurately.