While hiring, almost all recruiters prefer to take a job skills test, whether it is oral or practical. This pre-employment skill testing practice has an irreplaceable role in selecting the right candidate for the company. While it is important, it also is resources consuming and a crucial task to overcome, especially for mass recruitment companies. Technology has thus come to the rescue to increase efficiency and get cream of talent while you can. The major one of which is pre-employment testing software that enables the virtual world for the purpose.

In a recent survey by the American Management Association, nearly 90% of companies who participate in the pre-employment testing have negated any chance of hiring candidates who lack the basic skills or fail the initial online screening.

How Wide-Spread Are These Candidate Assessment Tools

According to a survey by AMA, pre-employment skill testing is a priority for 70% of the companies, while basic aptitude testing is on the list of almost 40% employers. From this observation, one thing is clear that employers are looking for an easier way out through the means of technology.

Online proctoring services help you save time, energy, and most importantly, resources. When you can outsource the same to the intelligent technology and a human service backing it up for you, why not? While they are useful for the enterprises, they have also found wide-spread application in education.

What Does A Pre-Employment Skill Testing Software Do?

Pre-employment Skill Testing is an entry-level barrier that is to be passed by the candidate applying for a specific job role. How candidate assessment tools help in the stages of the recruitment process, is that they create an environment for the company to test these skills of the candidate virtually. With the word ”virtual” in its essence, it is a complicated field to look in.

You have to take care of perjury, a sound technical base, a set of relevant and customized questions, using hi-tech technology like AI, etc. The benefits of hiring an outsourcing agency are that you get these advantages at the cost of almost nothing. They are as mentioned below:

  • You can cut off the manual labor in processes like resume screening, telephonic interviews, etc. and focus on more quality rounds of the interview like personality and culture fit.
  • You can make assessments that are interesting to candidates and attract more quality candidates to our system by the portrayal of your company status.
  • AI-based innovative assessments allow you to get the best.
  • While assessing it is easy to face legal challenges while you are using online proctoring services.

Types Of Pre-employment Assessments For Testing Candidates’ skills

In most cases of pre-employment skill testing, people conduct a general evaluation of:

  • Logical Aptitude/ Reasoning Skills
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Communication/ English Knowledge
  • Quantitative Ability
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic computing skills

Some companies indulging in pre-employment testing also include emotional intelligence, personality, integrity, physical and motor abilities as their prerequisites.

As one size does not fit all, the organizations and departments who are dealing with a specialized area can include questions that are more relevant to the portfolio. These areas are:

  • Marketing and sales abilities
  • IT and coding skills
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Management and administration
  • Creative thinking and designing skills of the UX designers
  • Engineering talent and technical knowledge of architecture

How Does Questy Help Your Business?

Questy is a cloud-based online recruitment system that helps the recruitment companies organize and manage online proctoring services and proctored assessments in a better way. Questy questionnaires are of two types- single choice-based and multiple choice-based. There is an additional type- programming questions that aids in technical recruitments.

Questy is the smartest choice of the recruiters. The reasons are:

All-In-One Platform

Questy is an all-in-one pre-employment skill testing tool. It comes with an in-built library. The questions library will save you time and resources. The catalog focuses on areas such as:

  • General Knowledge
  • Language Skills
  • Aptitude
  • Reasoning

As a test conductor, you may either select questions from the existing sections or frame your own.

If you want to test the candidates on basic skills like aptitude or verbal reasoning and also on specialized skills for job-specific roles, such as UX designing, for example, add the pre-existing questions from the free library, create new sections dealing with industry-specific areas, and finally create a test combining these sections and get a complete scorecard that measures the desired skills of the candidates.

Team Building and Retention

Questy’s pre-employment skill testing also helps in team building and employee retention, creating strong morale among the workforce. With the help of general and industry-specific evaluation, the hiring manager can determine the right people for the right kind of job profile. This will essentially increase job satisfaction and reduce attrition.

Moreover, its use is not limited to pre-employment evaluation. Questy can be utilized across the departments for training and development and internal assessment for promotion.

What’s More?

If you are from the IT industry and looking for the right candidate assessment tools, we have good news for you. In addition to other benefits, you can avail features to help evaluate the coding skills of the candidates. Utilize them when hiring fresh graduates, conducting a campus hiring, and screening experienced IT professionals.

Our automated test assessment helps to recognize a candidate’s programming skills. It allows a test conductor to compile codes and examines the skills of the candidates. It does not require human intervention, yet it is fully secure and automated. Moreover, Questy supports major programming languages – C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, and Javascript.

Will Questy As a Pre-employment Skill Testing Software Help Your Organization?

From the above discussion, it is clear how Questy can eliminate unnecessary headaches of screening candidates and make sure that you utilize time for more productive work without compromising on the overall hiring process. This is one of the best candidate assessment tools and if combined with proper interview structure post the screening, Questy is sure to make a difference.