Online Video Interviewing Software

In the current pandemic scenario, would you step out to attend a face-to-face interview? Especially, when you have an option to remotely show up for the interview using an online video interviewing software? Most of you would answer with a ‘No’.

For industries, where the nature of the business permits employees to work remotely, it is a sensible choice to work from home. So, why should recruitment be any different?

Keeping the current scenario aside, studies state that there was a 159% increase in remote work between 2005 to 2017. Another study estimates that 73% of departments will have remote workers by 2028.

Over the years, the rise in remote work has increased the need for remote recruitment tools. End-to-end digital recruitment is now a reality, thanks to technologically advanced recruitment tools that automate and streamline the entire recruitment process. 

Questy is a remote recruitment tool that has an in-built video interviewing platform and an online assessment platform. It also includes AI-driven analytics, proctoring, and automated reports.

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Interview remotely with online video interviewing software

To state in simple terms, it is a software that allows recruiters to conduct video interviews. But why conduct interviews at all, especially when online assessments can gauge the skills, personality, and job-readiness of the candidates?

An interview is a critical step in the recruitment process. It benefits both the organization and the interviewee.

While preparing for the interview, the interviewers get clarity on the responsibilities of the job position in question and an opportunity to contain long-term turnover costs by making the right hire.

Whereas for the interviewee, an interview is a time to get to know the company, its people, and its culture better. It allows the interviewee to assess if the company will meet his employment interests and needs.

Considering the travel ban, lock-down, and social distancing situation, video interviews are fast replacing on-premise interviews in the hiring process. And it is obvious that given a choice, most candidates prefer video interviewing using online video interviewing software.

Did you know that even back in 2018, 57% of candidates preferred live video interviews? Let’s take an insight into what is video interviewing.

What is video interviewing?

Video interviewing allows recruiters to conduct structured job interviews remotely with online video interviewing software. Big organizations like Twitter were the early adopters of video interviewing in their recruitment strategies to adopt top talent.

Types of video interviews

One-way Video Interview

In the initial stages of the hiring process, a one-way video interview could be useful to screen the right candidates. It is also called an asynchronous video interview. It does not require the presence of the recruiter, instead, the interviewee responds to pre-recorded questions on the video interview platform.

This type of video interview allows the recruiter to conduct multiple interviews at the same time and review them at a later time and date of his convenience.

Live Interview

A Live Interview or Synchronous Interview is the digital version of an on-premise face to face interview. The interviewer and interviewee are online at the same time and interact over the webcam.

Video interviewing platform provides many benefits

An online video interviewing software provides a wide range of benefits to both the recruiters and the candidates. Let’s explore them in detail.

Reduce time-to-hire

Schedule one-way interviews to screen several candidates at the same time. Shortlist candidates not only on the basis of their resumes but also their personality and presentation skills with video interviews.

Save costs

Evaluate candidates on video interviews before inviting them to your office, thus saving travel reimbursement costs, infrastructure costs, salaries of the recruiting core members, and other such costs associated with on-premise personal interviews.

Eliminate administration hassles

Save crucial HR hours spent on scheduling interviews after considering the availability of every person concerned with the interview, and not to mention candidate no shows that bring further coordination and scheduling.

Improve interview outcomes

Sometimes, recruiters get confused with the responses of multiple candidates when shortlisting them, making tracking performances difficult. With video interviews, they can re-watch the interview recording and clarify their confusion.

Bring consistency to your interviews

Structured video interviews induce consistency with the same number of questions covering all aspects of evaluation for all the candidates, making the interviewing process more fair and reliable.

Attract passive candidates

Give convenient candidate experience to passive candidates who may not be willing to travel to your office on a working day but might be interested in the job opportunity. Use a one-way video interview to add them to your candidate funnel.

Eliminate geographical barriers

Interview candidates from across the world without meeting them personally while saving a lot of time and costs for both the organization and the candidate.

The Take-Away

Different tools such as interview scheduling tools, proctoring tools, online assessment tools, online video interviewing software, etc. can help take the back-and-forth struggle out of recruitment and help you hire the right talent. But why take the headache of managing so many tools when you can get a complete recruitment tool? Questy provides end-to-end recruitment automation while streamlining the entire hiring process. Its utility goes beyond recruitment as organizations can use it in every step of the employee life-cycle, including appraisals and employee retention.

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