According to TeamLease staffing firm, Indian IT industry will experience huge growth in 2019. Their survey report says that it is likely to see 2.9 lakh new jobs added to the board.

As the demand for skilled employees is likely to increase, the recruiters are facing new challenges to meet. Hiring right candidates within a short span and meeting deadline is a serious concern.

A unique solution to this problem which is already adapted by many IT firms, is hackathon. When cherry picking becomes difficult for the technology labs, hackathons come to the rescue. Let’s find out why hackathons are the coolest way to recruit the right talent.

Traditionally, hackathons have always been popular to attract programmers. This has long served as a mean for raising brand awareness and marketing. We would often hear news when a renowned company would organize hackathon.  

As recruitment has evolved over the last few years, it has included innovative ways to attract talent and best ways to efficiently hire. Hackathons are now considered a popular method for hiring programmers, cyber security officials, database specialists and other IT experts.

How Hackathons Can Land You The Right Candidate?

Traditional methods of recruitment is undoubtedly more time-consuming and at times, costly. Posting jobs on sites, screening resume, scheduling several rounds of interviews and endless paperwork does not always guarantee you the best fit.

Hiring through hackathons is more objective and skill oriented. And it takes less time for the recruiters to decide qualified candidates. Power-punched, witty, thought-provoking hackathons are seen as an efficient method for recruiting tech employees.

It lets the recruiters assess quality of work, dedication, creativity, collaboration, teamwork in the participants. Hackathons are a great way to evaluate technical skills and see how well the participants are responding and collaborating to solve challenges.

In addition to this, tech giants and recruiters can save a great deal of time and resources when it comes to mass hiring. Instead of manually filtering resume and interviewing all candidates, recruiters can invite dedicated ones who are passionate about their work.

Hackathon – A Weapon Used by Global Leaders in Tech- Revolution


Among top tech companies, Amazon leads the way in bringing in innovative ways to hire software developers, Artificial intelligence experts and programmers. Successful candidates are often called for interviews and if they are able to make the difference, receive job offers.

Spotify – Diversify:

A 2015 hackathon with 50-50 male-female participation in Spotify-Diversify has remained one of the favorite events. Food, fun, coaching, music – everything was there. And at the heart of it were the actual people who enjoyed what they did.


Last year in 2018, Microsoft conducted one its most successful and popular hackathons with over 23,500 global participants. The winning team had their dreams come true when they got an opportunity to represent their project to CEO, Satya Nadella.

How You Can Use Hackathons in Recruitment

Does your company conduct coding challenges or hackathons in recruitment? If not, you may want to rethink the ways you recruit people.

Other than using online assessment tools another way to expedite tech hiring is through Questy’s coding challenges.

You can use the cloud assessment tool to create challenges and ask applicants to show their talent in solving them.

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