How To Hire A Good Java Programmer?
Why hiring good Java developers is difficult?

Java is a programming & computing platform as well as a run-time environment. It helps in building platforms as well as applications for computers, gaming consoles, car navigation systems, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, smartphones, etc.

Data centers storing and transferring web-based data also use it as an essential language for networking. No wonder, organizations need efficient developers who can write correct, working and sustainable codes with precision and passion.

Tips for recruiting the right Java Programmer

Companies end up employing people with relevant certificates or appropriate educational qualifications but lacking in practical knowledge of Java as required by the company. Such recruits are suited only for the entry-level.

Determine your precise requirement

As Java has multiple uses, your rock-star Java developer might not have experience working on projects similar to yours. Hence, jot down the skills you want your ideal candidate to have based on your project requirements.

Specify that the candidate should be proficient in which version of Java, and determine the parameters for judging the candidates such as OOP Concepts, Core & Advanced Java Concepts, APIs, Frameworks, etc.

Screen the best suits with our recruitment tool Questy

Manual screening of resumes and maintaining recruitment data cost companies dearly as they invest in additional staff and suffer delayed or bad hires.

Use proctored online assessment

With Questy’s highly-advanced proctored online tests, you can give your candidates the comfort of appearing for questionnaires from their homes. This feature is especially beneficial in breaking the geographical barriers in enlisting resources in your company while also keeping your costs low.

Interview with the techie

You can ask open questions in a personal interview to understand the candidate’s interest and enthusiasm about programming, proficiency in the programming language as per your requirement, the person’s strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Take your ultimate appointment decision

It uses the primary data of previous employees such as tenure, city, age, family background, education, etc. to determine their professional behavior such as ethics, loyalty, style of working, etc. Comparing the credentials of the candidate with this data, Questy issues advice for the recruiters, which they can accept or reject.

An assessment tool makes hiring easy