In today’s fast-paced world, recruiters want to hire candidates who will be a part of their growing business as assets and not liabilities. But difficulties are faced in hiring the right candidate, and the complete process can be time-consuming.

The solution to such a crisis is to use assessment tools, which will help in finding a good hire. There are numerous recruitment assessment tools, but the best recruitment tools will be ones that cater to your requirements. Additionally, there is always an option to have a multi-channel approach. Let’s check the ones trending in the market today.

Candidate Screening

The first step towards the process of finding the candidates is defining the job. Defining this step sets the tone for all that follows, such as walk-ins, direct applications, and referrals. Although these are the basic, most essential & effective ways of recruitment, there are better ways to identify potential candidates by using the advanced assessment tools that you can productively and speedily administer.

Job Portals

Job portals, a traditional yet ubiquitous way of connecting the dots between the recruiters and job seekers, where both aspire at meeting their prerequisites. A perfect destination where the demand meets the supply.

  • Naukri – An Indian job portal, founded in the year 1997, reportedly having a database of about 49.5 million registered job seekers. It deals with the resume database, recruitment solutions, e-Apps, career site management, and cloud products.
  • Indeed – Indeed is a job listing platform that is based worldwide. It is an American organization and has been a part of the recruitment industry for 14 years and is currently available in 60 countries and 28 languages.
  • LinkedIn – A combination of business and employment-focused service that functions through the website and mobile applications. People majorly utilize it for professional networking, recruitment, and job searches.
  • TimesJobs – Another Indian employment service that has been operating for the last 14 years. Jobs of various categories from retail, BPO, to advertisement and government, are all updated here.
Competitions & Hackathons

An increase in demand for people with excellent technical skills resulted in recruitment programs based on competitions & hackathons. An open approach enables to identify the candidate’s skills & approaches to resolve a problem.

  • Hackerrank – A technology-based organization that emphasizes competitive programming challenges for consumers as well as businesses, wherein developers contest by attempting to program about the provided specifications.
  • TechGig – One of India’s largest online tech communities, where you can experiment, learn, appraise your skills, compete with fellow techies, and even get opportunities for your dream job.
Recruitment Software & Platforms
  • Questy  is a cloud-based, online, skills testing platform. It helps companies conduct pre-employment assessments, online interviews, and advanced proctoring. It is highly useful in the IT sector as it provides a coding assessment facility. It allows the authorized users to curate test papers, share the links with the intended candidates as well as automates screening of the applicants. It is useful to both businesses and educational institutions. It helps colleges and schools to conduct semester/weekly tests, mock rounds, etc.
  • Amcat – A computer-adaptive aptitude test (comprising of English, Quantitative Ability, and Logical Ability) and personal assessment sections available on the website; henceforth, helping recruiters to identify the suitability of the candidate.
  • Interview Mocha – A comprehensive skill-testing assessment platform with a global presence.
  • BullHorn – A Boston based private company that caters to cloud computing in customer relationship management within the recruitment sector. It has a base in more than 150 countries with 8000+ customer base.
  • JobVite – A leading recruitment software and applicant tracking corporation located in California. The private company helps in advertising and management of the recruitment process.

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving, with more focus on quality candidates with good skills & knowledge & with no limit on boundaries. Hence, it becomes very important for organizations to choose the right and best recruitment tools to facilitate this. By using the best recruitment and assessment tool, not just companies but also agencies can scale up the entire process of hiring.