Trends in Human Resource Management

In today’s fast-moving world, corporate organizations experience a shift from traditional practices to a more organized and technology-driven path. To cope with the avalanche of organizational demands, human resource teams worldwide are undergoing a rapid change, thanks to the technological trends in HRM.

From a typical service-oriented role signified by boring paperwork, endless interviews, hiring decisions, and administrative works, HR has undergone a prolific evolution. In the era of digital technology, the HRs in the world’s most progressive companies have started to reform their job roles by including all-encompassing and more strategic responsibilities. At the center of this evolution is digital technology. And the journey is not stagnant, as the HR teams in India need to buckle up for new initiatives with recent trends in HRM.

In this article, you will learn how the best companies in the world are renovating the concept of Human Resource Management and ensuring profit and success.

Agile HR 

To cope with ever-increasing complex demands of the rapidly changing technology, Agile HR is becoming one of the increasingly popular trends in the field of human resource management. The tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft have already implemented an Agile HR framework.

In a recent post, the Harvard Business Review has also declared to adapt to Agile. Whereas, Deloitte has projected that upon surveying human resource departments in 10,447 organizations in over 140 countries, 94% have accepted that “agility and collaboration” are key factors to organizational success.

Atlassian, Forbes, and several other sources refer to a checklist concerning Agile HR. We can summarize them as-

  • Prompt feedback collection and sharing
  • Frequent performance evaluation sessions
  • Providing coaching
  • Applying more emphasis on team and team-work
  • Use of artificial intelligence
  • Incorporating online learning modules
App Powered Communication and Management

Maintaining effective communication is one of the biggest responsibilities in the HR industry. The Integration of chatbots to improve communication is not new. And there are web and mobile apps like Slack for quick and prompt conversation.

In addition to this, special cloud-based all-in-one HR apps are in high demand to centralize HR solutions, such as employee onboarding, employee database, shift scheduling, payroll automation, attendance, and benefits management, compensation, compliance, document management and several other all in one tap.

Bernard Marr writes in Forbes that the implementation of HR analytics tools can help your business in various ways. Predictive employee performance analytics, created with the help of empirical data, can highlight the positive and problematic areas affecting the company’s overall outcome. For best results, instead of manual data calculation on Excel, choose apps and tools for better data aggregation and visualization.

Recent Trends In HRM In India

The use of pre-hire assessment tools, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and cloud-based SaaS software has revolutionized the recruitment processes worldwide. According to Deloitte, merging ATS systems with candidate analytics, video interviewing will result in effective talent acquisition.

When considering the HR trends for 2020, Questy recommends conducting a mass evaluation. It allows the assessors to create/add single and multiple-choice based questions, define marks and duration and set rules when creating a test.

Thousands of companies have already started applying these strategies in the HRM. If your company is still following the old trends, it’s time to rethink.