Empowering small businesses with a recruitment plan

The success of an organization is majorly driven by the acquisition of best-recruited talent. In the process of recruitment, organizations spend a huge amount of time, money for advertisements in papers and paid platforms, and additional resources. Recent research shows that many organizations are now utilizing talent assessments tools which are reasonably affordable and time-effective; therefore, aiding in better retention of good employees.

Successful recruitment depends on how you plan the whole process. Specific areas like publishing the job requirement and screening the candidates; so, at the final stage of the meeting they select only the best candidates that fit.

We bring forth a 3-step recruitment plan to empower small businesses to increase their chances of finding the right candidate.

Step 1: Accurate job description

Writing accurate job description  is one of the most effective ways to attract the right applicants to your organization. Describing the job requirements, roles and responsibilities, and benefits of being a part of the company; will help in getting the candidates who are exactly interested in applying for the job.

Step 2: Creating job awareness

After writing a proper job description; the next step is finding a way to reach out to the right candidates. Always have the job posted on more than one platform since the audience can be diverse. It is also very important to keep track of responses.

Here is a list of platforms where you can publicize:

Advertising – The use of a traditional form of media has been existent for years.  Various advertisers publish  jobs in local and national newspapers and even in some local recruiting magazines and industry publications.

Online job portals – It is one of the most widely used and effective forms of reaching potential candidates.  Examples of these platforms include – Government jobs portals, Indeed, Naukri, Monster, etc.

Social media – Today LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for recruiters as well as job seekers. Additionally, there are company pages on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram where jobs posts are frequent.  and its further shared with people ahead.

Company Website & Referrals – Your company’s website can have the required jobs posted on the career section. Another reliable method which helps you to find potential employees is through referrals.

Step 3: Online Assessment Tool

Once candidates show interest in working at your organization, the first step is assessing whether he/she is suitable for the position. The best way to take that forward for small businesses is using an online assessment tool that will be able to test the potential candidate in their field of expertise.

The online assessment can relate to subjects like general knowledge, logical reasoning, subjective testing and many more.  

For recruiting software specialists, you can include questions from coding or programming. Candidates can code in either C, C++, PHP, C#, JS, Python or Java. Questy uses an automated evaluation method using pre-defined test cases to validate answers.