Eliminating Your Hiring Woes With A Complete Recruitment Tool

Hiring is the core function of Human Resource Management, where the HR team identifies the resource-gap, attracts, evaluates, and recruits a person with the right skills for that job. However, slow-hiring or bad-hiring can cost the company dearly.

The common hiring woes of the HR
Ineffective administration

Most recruiters spend a lot of time in duplication of effort. They need to find a way to screen suitable candidates as well as reject inappropriate applicants faster.

Lack of quality applications

At times, recruiters could blame themselves for not getting good candidates. They must define the job role accurately and highlight important skills as detailed work descriptions go a long way in attracting top talent.

A long time to hire

Recruiters end up losing their best candidates to other companies if their recruitment process is too long or if they do not decide soon.

Stereotyped decisions

More often than not, the conscious and unconscious bias on the part of the recruiters plays a significant role in hiring.

The negative experience of candidates

The HR department indeed has hundreds of tasks on hand. But not communicating with the candidates appropriately regarding the interview process and feedback, could result in the applicants not joining your company.

Using a robust recruitment tool to enhance your recruitments

Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to automate certain steps in the recruitment process, such as resume filtering, analysis, etc. Questy is not an ATS with limited functions but a one-stop solution to all your hiring woes.

It is a recruitment and assessment tool that helps companies save time & money while reducing geographical barriers and helping them hire the best talent. It also helps in enhancing the brand of the company as a favorable recruiter.

Know how Questy scales up your recruitments:

Easy integration with any ATS
Better decision-making

Questy uses Artificial Intelligence and helps eliminate bias in the decision-making process. It aids companies precisely evaluate the data of candidates reducing the instances of best candidates slipping through the cracks as it happens with ATS.

Better candidate experience

Questy uses interactive chatbots to effectively communicate with the candidates through all the steps of the recruitment process. The candidates feel well-connected to your company and are inclined to work with you.

Save time & costs with online assessments
Live coding for technical skill assessment
Making cost-effective hires from across the globe

The online assessment feature allows companies to scrutinize candidates from different cities, states, or even countries. They need not spend on their tickets to attend tests and interviews as everything is possible online with Questy, while also maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process.

Get detailed reports of the candidates
Summing Up

Most companies use different types of recruitment tools, depending on their size and scope. As they grow, they keep on incorporating advanced tools to meet their requirements, most of which do not work in sync with each other. Questy is a recruitment tool suitable for both small and large companies with the unique feature of integrating with your existing systems (ATS).