Desconstructing Tech Hire Process

Despite the volatility in the job market and uncertainty over career options, the IT sector is experiencing a rapid growth in the market. According to Economic Times and NASSCOM, the Indian IT sector is likely to experience 7-9% growth with nearly 12% increment in the revenue by 2019.

This data bespeaks the ever increasing demand of highly experienced IT professionals and tech experts. Whereas this indeed is good news for the job seekers, the hiring agencies and HR recruiters in corporate companies are flooded with resumes.

Needless to say, to cope with the workload, the IT headhunters need to revise the traditional hiring methods and implement cutting-edge recruiting solutions. The sole purpose of this article is not to repeat the age-old boring steps but to help you see the brighter side of the technology and revamp the tech recruitment strategies. Let’s roll.

Create a Job description with Keywords

Pay attention to detail while writing a job description. Apart from writing a compelling description under an attractive subject line, make sure the essential requirements and eligibility criteria are clearly highlighted, preferably, in points and using specific keywords.

According to Monster, an online employment solution, infusing the right keywords increase ad visibility fetching you the right candidates having those skills.

For example, if you are looking for a programmer, mention the names of the programming languages the candidate should be fluent in, and their ability to code.

Candidate Sourcing with AI

Once your job description is ready, post the requirements on job sites and social media platforms like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I am sure you have been doing this forever, but what new you can do is giving AI a try.

In addition to campus hiring, including modern-day technologies such as SaaS and ATS. Futuristic software like these slash hiring costs, reduce time in screening and provide better candidate analytics.


Software as a service or SaaS is a cloud-based system that increases efficiency and saves time in the digital recruitment era. Automated sourcing with SaaS will help you screening candidates faster and better.


Applicant Tracking System or ATS can be integrated into your company’s recruitment management system, job portals and social media sites. In most cases, ATS uses SaaS model making it more user-friendly and convenient.

Candidate Screening with Online Assessment Tools

Screening & evaluation of candidates is the most critical part of the tech hiring process. To ensure kosher screening and selection, the hiring teams need to employ proper strategy right from the start. But if this includes the traditional tenets, chances are you will never come out of the baseline standard. That’s why you need to make a smart choice.

The traditional screening & evaluation process involves manually reviewing resumes, conducting telephonic interviews, calling the candidates for face-to-face interviews and so on. But repeating these steps means going through the boring and tedious process. Moreover, none of these guarantee best hires.

Online Coding Assessment with Questy

By doing this, you will ensure the candidates you are selecting for the final rounds of interviews are genuine and will add value to the job upon selection. As coding is one of the most essential requirements in the tech recruitment process, the prospective candidates should show agility and competency in coding. This is what Questy will help you assess. Questy also eliminates biases and human errors while calculating results.

When the candidates reach the last round, i.e. personal interview, you already know their potential and are in a better position to determine who the deserving candidates are. It is a balanced and proper combination of several tools that lead you to a successful hire.