6 Advantages of Using a Talent Measurement Tool
Human Resource departments around the world need smart resources for acquiring the best talent.
A hugely important responsibility for the Human Resource department in any company
is acquiring, and retaining, the best employees for each position. Obviously, this journey
starts with the hiring process.
However, many Human Resource Managers find themselves overtasked and simply
overwhelmed. This is why it can be hugely beneficial to outsource the testing and talent
measurement of prospective candidates to a company and product that specializes in
just that. Recruitment workflow is often a multi-step process in which skipped steps can
result in higher employee turnover and ultimately cost your company money. Let your
talent measurement tool do the work for you.
Read on to find out about more benefits of utilizing the right talent measurement tool for
your hiring process:


The needs of every company and each position will vary greatly, as will the
requirements needed to perform those positions effectively.

While resumes, cover letters and interviews are necessary and useful resources for any
HR Manager in charge of hiring, they can also be misleading. Of course, every
candidate is trying to portray themselves in the best possible light.
That means every HR Manager needs tools they can rely on to get a more objective understanding of each candidate and his or her skills as they pertain to the position in question.
However, creating relevant and informative skills tests can be time-consuming.
Customizable templates for tests can be a great asset for Human Resources in this
respect. Ready-to-use tests can be customized to your needs, saving you valuable time
in acquiring objective results. These customized tests can then be administered to each
candidate to help you perform side-by-side comparisons during your decision-making.
A great talent measurement tool will provide easy-to-customize tests that you can alter
to suit your current needs. This will allow you to quickly and effectively analyze the
qualifications of each candidate, beyond what is written on their resumes.

Evidence-Based Hiring

When it comes to hiring the objectively best candidate for a particular position, it’s
crucial to try eliminating any biased decision making on the part of HR. Unfortunately, as
committed as many HR managers are to promoting diversity in the workplace,
unconscious biases can always come into play. A McKinsey study found, however, that diversity may actually contribute positively to a company’s overall success.
To that end, it is incumbent upon every Human Resource department to ensure that
their hiring process is done without bias but instead, based on evidence. The right talent
measurement tool will help your company gather the necessary evidence to identify the
best candidates through pre-employment assessments that measure aptitude,
cognitive ability, and domain expertise. The most comprehensive evidence will ensure
that you are hiring the right people for the right job.
Evidence-based hiring will ultimately help your company to eliminate bias in the hiring
process and, hopefully, promote diversity in your workforce.

Accelerate and streamline the hiring process

The right talent measurement tool is built with your hiring needs in mind, and therefore,
will help you to accelerate and streamline the hiring process from start to finish. A fast
and effective hiring process will not only save your company valuable time and
resources, but it will also improve the reputation of your company to prospective
Consider this: a candidate has two job offers, one from your company, as well as your
competitors’. The hiring process can be seen as a peek into the efficiency and
professionalism of your company, giving prospective candidates an idea of what they
can expect as an employee. Now, would they choose to go with the seemingly more
disorganized company? Or would they feel more encouraged by the company who’s
hiring process was organized and efficient?
A talent measurement tool can help your company accelerate and streamline the hiring
process, so you can focus on the other aspects that make your Human Resources
department effective.

Use the same tool to hire employees across

positions and departments.

The right talent measurement tool will enable you to keep all your recruitment materials
in one place, including resumes, analytics, and tests. Not only will you be able to save
important materials for the next time you find yourself needing to hire, but you will be
able to do so through one platform- for all departments and positions.
The right tool should allow your HR Manager to organize testing and analytics in one
place, allowing him or her to experience continued success in the hiring process for the
whole company.

Remote Hiring

Whether your company is fully remote or interested in recruiting candidates willing to
relocate, a talent assessment tool can help you recruit and hire talent remotely.
An easy-to-use tool will help you to overcome geographical challenges in your hiring
process, such as time-zone restrictions and cost. It will also help your HR department
recruit from the best talent in the world, if you so choose.

Save Money

This is the ultimate, all-encompassing benefit of the right talent measurement tool.
Hiring the right candidate takes time and money. Recruitment costs money, yes, but every day that your company goes with unfilled positions will also cost money.
According to Forbes, “Employee Benefits News reported in 2017 that turnover can cost employers 33 percent of an employee’s annual salary.” That means if you have to replace three employees, you have already spent the equivalent of one year’s salary. Obviously, this can add up pretty quickly.
Having an efficient, multi-department talent assessment tool can save your company money in the hiring process and in employee turnover. The ability to hire the right candidate in the right position will increase employee retention- which is great for your bottom line.
In today’s world, the role(s) of the Human Resource department are increasingly crucial
to the overall success of any company. Acquiring, assessing and hiring the right candidates can be a full-time job in itself, especially for mid- to large-sized enterprises.
The right talent assessment tool will ultimately save your company money and help your HR department shine!