Hiring software developers is the trickiest part of the story. Your company needs to hire interns, fresh graduates, and skilled IT professionals; and all resumes highlight the specific requirements you have mentioned in the job posting. The question is, how would you validate their technical skills? Do they actually possess the employability traits you are looking for?

Whether you belong to the corporate industry or recruitment agencies, if you are going by the painstaking traditional interviewing process and assessing the skills of individual applicants, it sure will be more challenging. Moreover, it is a huge waste of resources and time. How do you ensure efficient screening in a short span of time?

Thanks to Questy’s online programming assessment tool, you have an answer. Questy is an automated talent management software to help the assessors recognize a candidate’s programming skills. It can be implemented smoothly to screen a large number of candidates at one go. In the field of coding assessment, implementation of Questy is revolutionary. Let’s explore more.

Why Opting for an Automated Hiring Tool?

An automated code assessment platform enables the hiring managers to test the employability traits of the candidates. In the software industry, the desired qualification in a candidate may vary, but some always remain constant such as:

  • Quick adaptability
  • Agility
  • Excellent coding skills
  • Logical and Structured Thinking
  • Familiarity in programming languages

Going by traditional recruitment process, it can become a serious challenge to scale the applicants on these parameters at once.

Questy helps the assessors create appropriate test cases and measure the skills of the candidates on multiple parameters, thus, helps saving valuable time from repetitive assessment sessions.

Features and Benefits

Questy helps the hiring managers to skim the best developers from a pool. A recruiter can create and selectively add multiple programming questions with test cases and share the link with the applicants.

Successful candidates will showcase their coding skills in a remotely controlled environment and submit the results. Based on the detailed log and correctness, the recruiter can easily filter the desired candidates for the next round of interview.

Benefits of using Questy are:

  • Automated code compilation & testing: Entire test environment is automated and needs no human intervention.
  • Automated score calculation: Submitted codes on Questy platform are calculated automatically and scored.
  • Test-Case based Code Review: Assessors can create tests with test cases to evaluate coding skills.
  • Multi-Language Support: We support major programming languages- Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++ and PHP.
  • Time-bound tests: Set test time and learn the readiness and presence of mind of the applicants.
  • Reduces in-person administration: With the help of IP restrictions and browser tolerance strict and appropriate measurements are taken to prevent unfair exam practices and therefore, does not need personal intervention.
  • Comprehensive Report: Test scorecard includes a comprehensive report – detailed log, code compilation results, number of attempts, duration and detailed information on the expected versus actual input and output.
  • Programming Competitions & Hackathons: Apart from pre-hiring assessments, use Questy for fun and boost confidence among your employees with the help of programming competitions.
  • Scalable recruitment based on coding skills evaluation: Questy is flawless when it comes to evaluation. It reduces human error in calculating the results and generates unbiased and error-free scorecard.
  • Speedier hiring of Programmers: Why waste time on screening candidates based on their resume or interview, when you can easily evaluate their programming skills first.

While assessing coding abilities is one of the prime factors in hiring IT or software developers, other factors like team spirit, presence of mind, ability to take up challenges, soft skills are also important. We highly recommend you to take advantage of our free resources, such as questions catalog to evaluate the candidates on some basic parameters or you may choose to create your own set of questions and combine it with fully automated programming test for best results.

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