Hiring Remotely

Meeting recruitment goals is difficult during the COVID-19 period. But not for the companies that are hiring remotely. The key to building successful teams, be it on-premise or remote, is to hire the right candidates.

Organizations need to tweak strategies and adopt a different mindset for hiring remotely. Assessing and evaluating the candidates for the required skills helps recruiters make informed and confident decisions.

People usually have more confidence in tried and tested procedures, and recruitment processes are no different. It explains why many companies find it difficult to move to remote recruitment.

A complete transition to online recruitment or virtual hiring requires solid digital expertise. A tool that streamlines and automates end-to-end recruitment processes can help companies that are hiring remotely make recruitment decisions with utmost confidence.

At times, companies make half-baked efforts to move towards remote recruitment by using insecure third-party platforms for interviews and assessments. Doing so, they risk their privacy, integrity, candidate experience, and not to mention, their employer image.

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Reliable Tips for Hiring Remotely

When hiring remotely, the recruitment processes that organizations follow remain more or less the same, but the mode of their conduction moves from physical to digital. Let’s take an insight into the key elements that can help companies that are recruiting remotely.

1. Accurate Job Description

The recruitment process starts with a clear, specific, detailed, and comprehensive job description that helps the company find the closest match for the job role. It describes the duties and responsibilities for the position and determines the required skill sets for it. Job description forms the guide for the recruiters to streamline further hiring processes.

It helps job applicants by briefing them about the company and clarifying expectations in terms of education, experience, skills, personality traits, etc. It usually briefs about the job location, employment conditions, work environment, whom to report, to manage any subordinates, etc.

When it comes to hiring remote employees, it is critical to include skill requirements specific to remote work. These include:

  • Time & self-management
  • Organizational skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Empathy and interpersonal skills
  • Experience of remote work

Online recruitment tool Questy automates competency mapping and job description creation for many job roles and also allows companies to customize their specific vacancies.


2. Assessment and Evaluation

Irrespective of the fact that the employee works from the office premise or a remote location, it is imperative that recruiters assess the skills of the candidate to ensure that the person is a good match.

In an offline setting, the hiring stakeholders could ask the candidate to appear for a pen-paper test or perform a task in the official setting. For coders, recruiters prefer more interactive platforms like hackathons or writing code for an ongoing project.

Questy provides online assessments for a wide range of job positions, be it a coder, a designer, an accountant, a sales personnel, or an administrator. It offers: 

  • Live coding tests and front-end coding with options to test the code in real-time,
  • Psychometric assessments,
  • Analytical assessments,
  • Behavioral assessments,
  • Skill-specific assessments, including mathematical, communication, etc.,
  • Subject-based assessments such as accounting, medical, engineering, etc.

Questy allows recruiters to conduct a variety of tests for a complete evaluation of the candidate’s skills, personality, and preferences while hiring remotely.

3. Security and Privacy

While allowing candidates to appear for assessments remotely, it is imperative to ensure that the assessments are cheat-proof. Recruiters find it convenient to monitor the behavior of the candidate when they appear for assessments in their office premises.

But it is difficult to monitor the actions of a candidate remotely appearing for an online assessment. In such a situation, proctoring comes to aid. Companies hiring remotely usually find separate tools offering proctoring tech. But why invest in different tools when Questy provides all the tools in a single software?

With Questy, recruiters can choose to proctor candidates via: 

  • live proctoring, 
  • record & review proctoring, 
  • and image proctoring options.

Its IP Restriction feature restricts the access to the online assessment link to the registered IP address, making it impossible for any other computer to take the test or interfere in it.

Questy is a highly secure recruitment platform that maintains the privacy and integrity of companies recruiting remotely.

4. Online Interviews

High-quality structured online interviews ensure the hiring is successful even when recruiters only meet the candidates online. People argue that the offline route is the best, and the online interview is useful only when hiring remotely.

But they do not pay attention to the benefits online interviews offer, such as:

  • Ease in scheduling, 
  • Lower time to hire, 
  • Elimination of travelling hassles and expenses, and
  • Time and place convenience.

Another major advantage is the recording facility that allows different hiring stakeholders to review the candidate at a later date and time.

There are two types of online interviews: 

  • Live interviews 
  • Interviewee Only Tests 

They serve different purposes and are useful at different stages of the recruitment process. While the interviewee only test is a recorded interview that does not require the presence of the interviewer, the live interview is more of a personal interview held digitally.

5. Automated Reports

Automated, data-driven, comprehensive, and insightful reports help recruiters hiring remotely to analyze the candidates’ performance and job-suitability. They eliminate human errors in reporting as well as unintentional bias in assigning scores.

Questy’s reports come with AI-driven recommendations on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate based on the scores of every assessment and interview. They also suggest if the candidate is suitable for the job role.

Summing up

The recruitment practices of a company go a long way in building its image as a desired employer. The procedures for hiring remotely also affect the candidate’s experience as well as the outcome of the recruitment efforts.

Questy is an all-in-one remote recruitment solution that eliminates the need to use any other tool or software. It provides long-term time and cost benefits by streamlining the hiring processes to sustain even in the post-COVID-19 period.

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