Technology always amazes us with new concepts it brings around the globe today and the human resource department hasn’t been left far behind. To recruit is a challenging task but when the best technology amalgamates with this process; it makes work more effectual.

Previously, HR was regarded as a monotonous job where individuals would be busy in knee-deep paperwork and endless administrations for the company. But today the scenario has completely changed and even the human resource departments are incorporating technology into their work routine. Recent surveys show that 92% of recruiters use social media platforms for recruitment.

Therefore, the course at which technology is rapidly developing in the human resource sector is crucial. There are some advanced tools that can help in the process of recruiting potential candidates for an organization in present-day.

Below is our top 3 list of tools that help to simplify the process of recruitment through automation and advanced tools.


Pymetrics main aim is to test candidates based on a series of neuroscience-based games and AI to change the way companies attract, recruit and retain talent. Every candidate is given a series of 12 games to decide whether they fit into the group of qualities with regard to efficient planning, clear focus and the capability towards risk-taking.

Upon completing the Pymetrics’ games, the algorithm helps to match a suitable job position based on what recruiters have posted on the platform. Therefore, getting a potential candidate that can be fit for any given role and make the role of HR managers simpler.

The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index software help recruiters and organizations to straightforwardly understand what are their requirements for hiring a probable candidate. The vital use of behavioral assessments to comprehend an individual’s cognitive skills for any kind of job and accordingly matches them with prospective job openings.

Candidates are shortlisted based on the target data given by competent managers and stakeholders. Depending on the comparison of the measured traits; a candidate can be further processed making the job of HR managers convenient.


Questy is an online assessment platform that can conduct tests without any hassles of paperwork and yet give accurate results. It can cater to various sectors like corporate houses, hiring agencies and academic institutions for hiring interns, graduates, and IT professionals. The online assessment can be related to subjects like general knowledge, logical reasoning, subjective testing and many more along with coding. Candidates can code in either C, C++, Php, C#, JS, Python or Java. The automated evaluation of the code using multiple pre-defined test cases guarantees the validity of the code across diverse circumstances.

It helps to filter the best candidates based on quantitative data analysis, identifies high performers using extensive reports, speeds up the recruitment process and overall cuts down on costs. Also, the test creation is simplified and easy to navigate in 3 easy steps with special features like IP restriction, browser tolerance, efficient marking, etc. which makes it uniquely productive.

These are top 3 technology-based tools that are empowering HR managers to make their role more productive and efficient in their organizations.
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