Live Coding Benifits

How To Conduct Live Coding Test?

Choose Or Create


Choose a pre-built test or create your customized coding challenge.

Send Invite


Invite candidates online to attempt the coding challenge.

Send Invite

Invite candidates online to attempt the coding challenge.


Select The Best


Evaluate candidate’s coding skills based on different parameters using a comprehensive report.

Live Coding Features

Supports Multiple Programming Languages

Recruit software developers for different job profiles with our stunning coding simulator that supports more than 7 programming languages.

Ensures Precise Evaluation

Assessment of each candidate for code correctness, coding style, code quality, plagiarism, and coding efficiency to guarantee meticulous evaluation. Experts refer to a key by key playback, code diff, and time consumed to complete the test for accurate analysis.

Allows Creation Of Coding Test

If you are not interested in pre-built tests, create your personalized coding challenge specific to the position you are hiring for, using our extensive library of questions.

Generates Comprehensive Reports

The detailed report generated at the end of the test evaluates the candidate’s performance on several parameters concerning quality and efficiency. It helps you dig deeper and evaluate the candidate’s programming skills explicitly.

Collaborative Coding Environment

Provide candidates with a collaborative coding environment where an expert watches them code live, interacts with them, and issues instant feedbacks apropos to their performance.

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