Extensive Library Of Questions

Assessment of participant’s knowledge is difficult with a small number of built-in questions available at the end of each lesson in LMS. Questy’s huge and diverse question library helps you assess individuals from different disciplines.


Detailed Performance Reports

Extensive Reports generated by Questy on the basis of candidate’s performance throughout the LMS course gives the student a clear insight into their cognitive abilities and technical competence.


Advanced Level Questions

Test questions available in LMS often have low difficulty level and hence are not ideal for the critical assessment of the candidate. Advanced level questions furnished by Questy help you gauge the technical proficiency of each student.


Web-Proctored Tests

Remotely proctored tests conducted through Questy at the end of each course ensure the integrity of the exam and authenticity of the student’s performance.


Advanced Coding Simulators

For job roles like software developer, LMS’s assessment tools test only candidate’s rudimentary understanding of the topic, whereas Questy can accurately assess the technical expertise of the students with its cutting-edge coding simulators.

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