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Hasten the recruitment process by selecting ready to use tests from Questy’s extensive catalog.

Diversity of Questions Types


Test candidate’s analytical skills with a wide variety of question types.

Diversity of Questions Types

Test candidate’s analytical skills with a wide variety of question types.


Varied Difficulty Level


Classification of questions according to the varying degree of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard.

Test Types

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests help verify the general reasoning capabilities of your students. Improve their job-readiness with Questy’s diverse question sets.

Psychometric Test

Assess the skills, interests, and personality traits of individuals. With our vast test library, decide the most appropriate career paths for your students.

Technical Test

Technical tests evaluate candidates’ conceptual knowledge in their respective fields of study. Conduct different types of technical tests to make your students employable.

Question Types


Multiple-choice questions are a form of objective assessment. They consist of a problem statement with several alternative answers, and the test-takers are required to identify the right answer from the given choices.

Subjective type questions might include essay questions, scenario questions, and opinion questions. Candidates are supposed to provide answers in the form of detailed explanations.

Coding questions are designed to assess the programming skills and problem-solving skills of the coder. Examinees are required to give appropriate answers depending on the question style.

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