Education Benefits

Education Features

Extensive Question Set

A diverse range of test library with questions and number of disciplines that lets you conduct branch specific tests simultaneously

LMS Integration

Transform the way students learn with your existing LMS on account of Questy’s cutting edge assessment tools.

Live Coding

Increase the chances for students to get selected for challenging job roles by making a critical assessment of their coding skills.


Ensure the integrity of online exams by preventing cheating with Questy’s advanced proctoring techniques.

Comprehensive Reports

Generates comprehensive pre-placement reports about the candidate’s performance that gives you an accurate idea about their job readiness.

How Questy Makes Your Life Easy?

Boost-Your-Placement -Rates

Boost Your Placement Rates

Critically assessed tests conducted in a proctored environment improve the academic performance of the students and improve their skill set. Questy enhances the employability of graduates and thus boosts placement rates of the institute.


Preserves Academic Integrity

Online and offline proctoring techniques employed by Questy helps you preserve academic integrity by preventing any kind of misconduct during exams.


Lower Capital Investment

Questy takes out the challenge of creating exams by making things swift and easy for the faculties. You can observe a significant reduction in the amount of time and resources invested in academic exams with Questy’s smart assessment platform.

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