Nothing is like what it was yesterday. Everything is changing globally towards a better future whether its technology or individuals. Considering India, the age-group with the largest population today are millennials. The market is flooded with top-tier professionals but how to attract them to your company and recruit them is the most challenging task in today’s time.

Whenever hiring great professionals, it is important to make them aware of how you as a company are different from all the others that are currently in the market. Today successful recruiters use recruitment marketing strategies to brand their companies to potential candidates effectively.

Here are some of the hiring strategies we recommend to recruiters to attract top talent:

Strategy #1: Precision & Career Prospects

Communication is the basic form through which a company’s mission towards career prospects can be shared with others. It could be done either through social media or personally by expressing through posts, videos and interaction from senior leaders with precision about the company’s development and growth prospects. Moreover, creating a company that cares to make a difference.

Strategy #2: Campus Recruitment

The top location to connect with generation next is in the field of academics. To create a brand awareness in campuses by sponsoring talented students, events and advertising in university magazines will help to give your business a recognition.

Strategy #3: Involvement

Once the generation of millennials is ready to enter the work industry, organization need to plan as to how they will attract them through the most popular mode of digitalization. For example, educational institutes have the campus recruitment/ job placement fairs every year and this is an opportunity every organization should take part in.

Renowned organizations like L’Oréal organizes a marketing competition known as ‘Brandstorm’ where students play the role of brand managers at the company during the duration of the competition.

These kinds of competitions or awareness drive not only create a brand awareness but also enable students to get a first-hand experience of understanding how a company functions. Therefore, a connection between a brand and an employee is built even before career opportunities are conferred.

Strategy #4: Going Digital

With everything getting digital, why should the recruitment process be left anywhere behind? Every time a company is hiring, they update their recruitments not only their website but also on recruiting platforms where potential candidates can come across their job opportunities. With recent surveys by experts like Glassdoor, 89% of job seekers use their mobile device during the search process. Moreover, other forms like LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards and employee referrals are also key communications through which the entire recruitment process is expedited.

Strategy #5: Recruitment

As mentioned above, potential candidates can be reached through from various platforms. But what can be done to make the further process simpler? We provide you with the one-stop solution to make the whole progression faster and cost-effective with Questy a comprehensive online assessment tool. It is a cloud-based online testing software for talent measurement. It can cater to a wide range of sectors like corporates, recruitment agencies, academic institution and even for hiring interns and IT professionals. 

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