Small or big, running a business is never easy. With limited capital and reduced manpower, problems with small organizations are even more. Small businesses face severe challenges when it comes to hiring because in most cases, the business owners or the top-most officials are required to handle this job instead of a dedicated and elaborate HR team. Even if there is an HR department, it is likely relatively small. Therefore, it becomes difficult to manage so many tasks at once.

In such situations, a pre-employment assessment tool can prove enormously helpful. Let’s find out how to best utilize online tools to screen and evaluate candidates and help small corporations.

1. Slash Administrative Time

Pre-employment testing software like Questy can be used in multiple cases. Whether it comes to applicant tracking and resume management, scheduling and administering online tests, filtering candidates based on performance or onboarding, such tools can clearly reduce administrative efforts and save a great deal of time.

Moreover, with advanced features like recorded and live interviews, screening candidates have become easier than ever. It empowers small organizations to schedule remote interviews while ensuring exam integrity.

An applicant can take the exam at his or her convenient time, on the other side, the administrator can either monitor the test online or check the recorded session later to assess the candidate.

2. Ensure Unbiased and Quality Hiring

In the technology-driven era, pre-hire assessment tools are becoming more and more advanced. With the implementation of Artificial intelligence, management officials can get quick insights on employee behavior, confidence level, and job fitness.

In addition to this, the pre-hire tools are powered with several other important features, such as remote proctoring and live coding. For job roles that are devoid of technical responsibilities, remote proctoring can prove effective. With the help of live monitoring and recording mode, hiring becomes quality driven and unbiased.

Similarly, for technical assessments, the companies can opt for live coding to see whether the candidate has the potential skills. With such advanced-level attributes, small organizations can easily hire the best candidates without compromising on quality.

3. All-in-One Assessment Platform

Online skill assessment platforms can cater to a number of industries. Whether your organization deals in software and technical stuff or sales and marketing, an employment assessment tool can help you set up tests for multiple niches.

Questy, for example, has a pre-built questions library that can be used in all industries when it comes to assessing candidates. In addition to this, the organizations can also create their own set of questions to fit industrial needs.

This essentially saves a small-scale organization a large portion of money as they do not need to use multiple tools for interviewing candidates.

We hope that this discussion has helped you understand how pre-employment assessment tools like Questy can benefit small-scale organizations. Does your organization use an assessment tool to hire employees? If yes, we would love to hear about your experience.