Psychometric Tests

Ever wondered, why do industry experts stress on recruiting the RIGHT people using online Psychometric Tests? It’s because a bad hire costs the company dearly. There is a loss of time, effort, and money in hiring the person and later incurring additional expenses to hire the replacement. A bad hire also increases the stress & workload of colleagues, resulting in low staff morale. And don’t forget about the lost business opportunities.

Purpose of Following Online Psychometric Tests Practice

No hiring method is self-sufficient, and depending on anyone can be detrimental. For example,

  • The resume screening process is repetitive and boring, leading to manual errors.
  • Even after automating the resume screening process, dishonest candidates could hide keywords in the resume to get shortlisted. As per a report,46% of resumes include at least one discrepancy between the information provided by the applicant and the background check results.
  • Many factors could influence the interviewers’ decisions in personal interviews, such as the different types of bias, their mood, how they got along with the interviewee, and the time.

Hence, experts suggest combining a psychometric test with the existing hiring processes to recruit the right candidate. Psychometric assessment tools like Questy provide tailored online assessments depending on the identified job competencies and the needs of the company.

Let’s understand what a psychometric test is, before getting into the benefits of the psychometric test practice in recruitment.

What Are Online Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests is a scientific, objective, and standard method used to access the intelligence, skills, personality traits, behavioral styles, cognitive abilities, motivations, etc. of people. Companies use it for recruitment, learning & development, performance appraisal, and validation of interviews.

Recruiters use the psychometric test results to determine not just the best, but the best suited or the right candidates for a specific job role. When recruiters want to hire candidates based on their acquired skills and not on their educational background, the online psychometric tests is of utmost benefit.

Recruiters should use an online psychometric test as a part of the hiring process. They should use it in combination with other methods like collecting work samples, conducting online tests to measure domain knowledge, interviews, etc.

We can conduct online Psychometric tests in two formats:

  1. It is a Test having tasks with right or wrong answers. Examples of online psychometric tests include aptitude tests, logical tests, cognitive tests, reasoning tests, etc.
  2. It is a questionnaire asking the candidate to rate agreement levels with certain statements. Behavioral preference assessments, emotional intelligence assessments, and personality assessments are some of its examples.

Online Psychometric Test Questionnaire

While a test has right and wrong answers to measure skills & knowledge, a Psychometric test questionnaire is used to find out about someone’s personality, behavior, etc.

A person can neither excel nor fail in it as it determines how the person’s personality aligns with the required competencies for the job role. Hence, depending on the psychometric test result, the recruiter could either select or reject the candidate.

Let’s take an example where the psychometric test identifies that a person is highly sociable. If it a marketing job, this personality trait is beneficial, and the person is suitable for the job. But if the job requires the person to stay focused in a solitary environment all the time, this person is not suitable for the job role as he has a contradicting personality.

The psychometric test questionnaire discovers what kind of person the candidate is, something that the candidate is not likely to disclose himself in the interview. The examples include acute short-tempered, inability to think under stress, lack of speed in performing tasks, etc.

A psychometric test is professionally designed in such a way that it exposes the way a person behaves and unearths what motivates that person. Questy’s online Psychometric tests are curated to pick up inconsistencies and make it difficult for the candidate to manipulate their responses.

They also measure the candidate’s efficiency at the tasks on the job in terms of decision making and speed by measuring how quickly the person gives the correct answer.

Results of Psychometric Assessment Tools Like Questy

It may sound easy, but the creation of a psychometric test requires a complete process, methodology, and the contribution of professional minds with strong commitment. Questy designs psychometric tests as solutions to specific challenges and requirements of its clients.

The Questy platform provides detailed, real-time, data-backed, and customizable reports. The scoring methodology is crucial in determining the effectiveness of the psychometric tests and Questy aces in it. Questy provides both individual scores as well as a comparative analysis for you to choose the best-suited candidate.

You can customize online psychometric tests depending on your company’s values, culture, and brand image and hire people with suitable personality traits. Remove bias from your hiring process by using Questy’s wide range of online tests.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of online psychometric tests for companies when it comes to interviewing success.

Benefits for Using Psychometric Testing

Companies using psychometric testing get unique benefits such as:

  • Get insights into candidates personality and aptitude

Psychometric tests help in mapping competencies of the candidates and provide a validation of the interview results. The companies using psychometric testing can ascertain that the people joining them will fit into the company culture, and most importantly, carry out their job responsibilities well.

  • Remove dependence on interviews

At times, candidates who perform poorly in interviews emerge as top-performing employees. Psychometric test practice does an excellent job of picking up such candidates and gives them a chance to show their skills and competencies outside the stressful interview set-up.

On the flip-side, candidates performing very well in personal interviews could fall short of dedication towards work. Psychometric assessment tools like Questy provide a benchmark to compare results against other candidates so that the company can be sure of the skills of their recruit.

  • Save time and costs

Conducting online psychometric tests early in the recruitment process saves a lot of time for the recruiting manager. It also reduces the cost to the company as the person needs to interview only suitable candidates. It shortens the time-to-hire and enhances the quality-of-hire for the company.

  • Determine the future potential of candidates

Unlike an interview that queries about past performance, online psychometric tests gauge the future potential of the candidates to perform specific tasks and if their personality complements the job role.

  • Remove bias and obtain consistency in recruitment

If you have interviewed people, you know that all interviews don’t go the same way. As a human being, you unknowingly get influenced by certain factors and treat people differently. Psychometric tests help to remove such unintentional human bias as all the candidates face the same questions in a similar environment giving them a fair chance to show their true competencies.


Now we know what psychometric test is and how psychometric assessment tools like Questy help companies recruit the RIGHT people while saving time and costs. So, if you want your company to grow using the right human resources, retain the best-suited people, maintain the company culture, and most importantly function seamlessly to multiply revenues, try Questy’s online psychometric tests today.