automate hiring process

HR teams handle numerous tasks right from hiring, onboarding, driving teams with different people management strategies, and much more. There is an emerging need for automated hiring process and other HR tasks to enhance efficiency and overcome human bias, especially in recruitment. However, not all organizations have completely automated HR tasks.

HR Managers who are not automating tasks are losing out, suggests a survey by CareerBuilder. It specifies that HR managers who are not fully automating are losing 14 hours a week on average completing tasks manually, which could be automated. While over one-fourth of HR managers waste 20 hours or more, one in ten of them spends 30 hours or more.

Why Automated Hiring Process Helps?

Recruitment is one of the crucial HR tasks, which has serious cost implications for the company. The parameters measuring the performance of recruiters have changed over the years. There is increasing competition among recruiters to hire the right talent faster. Unlike other job roles, recruiters also need automated hiring process to stay in the competition and compete to get the best talent for the company they are working for.

As per LinkedIn data, two important KPIs for recruiters include Quality of Hire and Time to Fill:

Quality of Hire

The talent acquisition heads state that ‘Quality of Hires’ is their topmost priority while hiring. Companies have realized over the years how dearly bad hires cost them. They lose out not just on hiring and replacement costs but also get a set-back on business-as-usual.

Statistics published by the Small Business Administration, courtesy of the Society for Human Resource Management, states that the turnover cost for small employers having less than 1000 people amounts to $3079 per hire.

Time to Fill

28% of talent acquisition leaders consider Time to Fill to be a top priority. Time to fill is a metric that measures the number of days from posting a job requisition by a company to acceptance of the offer by a candidate. More time to fill leads to productivity loss for companies.

How To Take Automated Hiring Process To Advantage?

Hiring Managers using redundant approaches of personal interviews and pen-paper tests to gauge the performance of candidates are lagging. Human errors and unintentional bias impair these methods. There is a clear need for a talent measurement and hiring assessment tool like Questy to make hiring objective, data-driven, cheat-proof, and unbiased.

Here are some pointers for automated hiring process:

  1. Optimize the recruitment process to focus on performance rather than academic excellence.
  2. Create a job description, with realistic expectations, and define clear & measurable performance parameters.
  3. Leverage the benefits of social media to attract strong performers.
  4. Short-list candidates accurately by integrating the existing ATS with Questy.
  5. Evaluate the skills of short-listed job applicants using Questy’s pre-built, customizable, secure, proctored, and multidisciplinary online assessments.
  6. Use Questy’s wide range of tests to evaluate aptitude, logical reasoning, behavioral skills, and much more to identify culture-fit candidates having a growth mindset.
  7. If hiring programmers, evaluate coding skills with Questy’s front-end coding tests and programming simulators.
  8. Conduct video interviews and real-time tests for out-station candidates with Questy.
  9. Get real-time evaluations, and detailed data & analysis-driven performance reports with Questy.
  10. Get a comparison analysis with group reports.
  11. Share feedback with candidates using Questy reports.
  12. Appoint and onboard the right candidate.


A crucial task like automated hiring process & other recruitment needs a specialist hiring assessment tool like Questy to streamline end-to-end hiring. Questy not only reduces the time to fill but also ensures the identification of quality hires. Since Questy takes care of major concern areas of HR Managers, hiring then is a piece of cake. Get in touch to know more.