Online assessment test

Questy is a one-stop solution for the recruitment needs of all, small, medium, and large, business organizations. It is an automated talent measurement tool that helps corporates recruit efficiently and objectively while eliminating unintentional human bias.

It uses expertly curated and proctored online assessment test in multiple domains to gauge the job-skills of applicants. It allows companies to hire culture-fit candidates with psychometric and aptitude tests.

But what about the personal interviews?

The process of recruitment is incomplete without a round of interview because the interviewer uses it to gauge:

  • the interviewee’s personality,
  • soft skills,
  • presence of mind,
  • critical job-role understanding,
  • readiness to take up the job-role,
  • and much more.

When we talk about an interview, we picture an interviewer and an interviewee sitting across a desk facing each other, or in case of an online interview, communicating over their respective computer screens.

Even though web interviews are possible, there is no option to get feedback from multiple people unless they all join the face-to-face interview. 

But what if,

  • the interviewer is too busy to conduct the interview,
  • there are many interviews lined-up within a limited time,
  • zeroing down on interview time is difficult due to different time-zones?

Under such circumstances, the quality of the interview suffers, or recruiters miss out on good job candidates.

Questy aims to eliminate hindrances in the recruitment process while enhancing and automating it. Questy has recently unveiled a new, one of its kind, interview feature to overcome these difficulties. It provides greater convenience to both the interviewer and the interviewee and is called the Interviewee Only Test.

Unique Benefits Of Questy’s Online Assessment Test

  • Conduct Interview Sans Interviewer

Questy understands that out-sourcing is not always a good idea to help busy business owners. The interviewee Only Test feature allows both recruiters and interviewers to schedule multiple interviews within the same time frame. The recruiter and interviewer need not be physically present at the time of the interview with this new feature.

The interviewer can plan and design the interview in advance using a variety of job-related and subjective questions. The person can schedule the interview at the convenience of the interviewee. Questy’s online assessment test automates the interview process by communicating one question at a time and recording the candidate’s response. 

The interviewer can evaluate the candidate on a later date based on the recorded audio-video responses during the interview. With this arrangement, the interviewer gets the satisfaction of personal touch in recruitment while managing his or her work commitments effectively.

  • Get Multiple Interviewers To Evaluate The Candidate

If the job-role requires the candidate to work simultaneously with multiple departments, the business owner would want the concerned department heads to evaluate the candidate. In such a situation, all the interviewees can design their sections of the interview questions. 

Questy collects collaborative feedback on the interview from various department heads like HR, Sales, etc. by sending a link of the recorded interview to them for review.

  • No Time-Difference And Geolocation Restrictions

As Questy eliminates the need for the interviewer to be present at the time of the interview, it also removes geolocation hindrances associated with interviewing candidates abroad.

Questy’s Interviewee Only Test feature is especially helpful to people recruiting from countries with significantly different time-zones line the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Earlier for convenience of time zones, people scheduled such interviews either early in the morning or late at night.

Questy provides greater convenience to both the interviewee and the interviewer. It helps in scheduling interviews at the interviewee’s preferred time. It gives interviewers the liberty to evaluate interviewee’s responses any time after the interview.

Summing Up The Online Assessment Test Feature

Questy brings about a breakthrough in recruitments with this new Interviewee Only Test feature that allows businesses to conduct personal interviews online without needing the interviewer’s presence. This online assessment test scales up the scope of online interviews by facilitating seamless interviews anywhere, anytime across the globe. It also allows business owners to retain the power of decision-making in hiring while balancing their other business responsibilities. Get in touch to know more.