Mass Recruitment Process and Dealing With High Volume Resources

How To Approach The Hiring Process?

The labor-intense problem in the mass recruitment process is faced by even the industry giants because they focused more on the ground level implication and ignored the upper management. Many HR experts have suggested playing otherwise and clients have reported a notable increase in their efficiency and quality. Let us have a look at what they have for you.

Advertising Campaigns For Mass Recruitment Process

You must have noticed one thing as a recruiter so far, the job seekers are not available on the same platform for most of the times. You have to source them through many platforms and even personal contact and business gatherings. So if the platforms are more than one, your advertising campaign has to spread across these platforms.

Scaling up to more audience is the primary step, but you have to do reverse it once you have reached that stage. That is what targeted marketing is. In job advertising, it is given a term called “Programmatic Job Advertising” or PJA. They ensure you get the right eyes to your job role and openings.

How To Get Right Candidate For Recruitment?

You want to automate your recruitment process to your advantage if you are going to work in this technology-savvy world. Also, the time factor is a major thing that gets subsidized by the technology platforms and automation in the mass recruitment process.

What can you do with the platforms? Or rather which features you should be looking for in your potential selection? First of all, it should be able to handle high volumes of applications and that too the way you want. Simply put, customization and quantity. Secondly, it should be able to make a situational judgment, doesn’t matter if it is Artificial Intelligence or human intelligence.

Engage Your Candidate By Impressive Methods

Though you must be seeing unemployment rates rising everywhere, that doesn’t mean that it has made the market an employer’s market. It is still an employee’s market and they mostly prefer value over money.

If in the initial stage of recruiting or marketing itself you are making it clear that your company values them, then you will see the best candidates approaching you. How to do that? Engage with them and communicate the job, rather than just giving them the job. Your hiring timeline, your feedback, and regular updates are the essentials here. Chatbots are the breakthrough that could help you out in this. They are now available on the best communication sites like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

Upgrade Your Proctoring Services And Other Technologies

You need to know if outdated technology is holding you back in terms of creating the impression and most importantly hindering efficiency. See what you can transfer to the technology instead of doing all menial work by yourself. This goes without even saying, but the reason why it is on our list is that there are many options and many unexplored opportunities in the tech industry that increases day by day.

Keep The Quality In Mind Throughout the Process

When you can get the benefits of small scale recruiting quality in a mass recruiting why not give it an extra hour of your thought? After all, you don’t get such talent at the same place often. Working on the strategy to maintain the quality will help you in the long run and you wouldn’t require to hire more for a long time once it is done right.

So save yourself the trouble and get the best strategy and the resources for it now!

Save Your Time By Online Assessment Platform

What hiring managers are doing lately is that they step in once the screening is over. You don’t need to allocate your company’s time in that, there are many outsourcing agencies that do it for you, one of the trusted of which is ours. Background check, proctoring services in tests, live coding interview, candidate assessment tools, AI recruitment tools, resume screening and many more. You name it and we have the best solution for you.

Avoid Hiring Biases In Mass Recruitment Process

Every hiring executive may not work the same way in the process and even AI can fall in the trap of hiring biases if it is manipulated. What the solution would depend on the level of technology you are using.

If you are more dependent on AI for some levels beyond the screening of candidates, see that you have the best that can’t be manipulated. If you are going manual, considering blind hiring by removing the irrelevant information beforehand and keep it role-specific. For the hiring executives, they all better have the same picture in mind as the company policy decides.

Company Culture And Benefits

Communicate your company culture to the candidates. You must have seen Google taking the month-long hiring process in their system. Their main aim to recruit as many enthusiasts as possible just like mass recruiting. But they take this process to their advantage and convey their company culture to the candidates as well as the world.

If you can’t afford a long process to get to know each other, you can always put your best words in picture and communicate your company culture to the candidate and understand if he is going to suit the company well.

How To Screen Masses In The Process?

A unique solution to the hiring problem which is already adopted by many IT firms is a hackathon. When cherry-picking becomes difficult for the technology labs, hackathons come to the rescue. Let’s find out why hackathons are the coolest way to recruit the right talent.

Traditionally, hackathons have always been popular to attract programmers. This has long served as a mean for raising brand awareness and marketing. We would often hear the news when a renowned company would organize a hackathon.

As recruitment has evolved over the last few years, it has included innovative ways to attract talent and the best ways to efficiently hire. Hackathons are now considered a popular method for hiring programmers, cybersecurity officials, database specialists, and other IT experts.

How Hackathons Can Land You The Right Candidate?


Among top tech companies, Amazon leads the way in bringing in innovative ways to hire software developers, Artificial intelligence experts and programmers. Successful candidates are often called for interviews and if they are able to make the difference, receive job offers.

Spotify – Diversify:

A 2015 hackathon with 50-50 male-female participation in Spotify-Diversify has remained one of the favorite events. Food, fun, coaching, music – everything was there. And at the heart of it were the actual people who enjoyed what they did.


Last year in 2018, Microsoft conducted one its most successful and popular hackathons with over 23,500 global participants. The winning team had their dreams come true when they got an opportunity to represent their project to CEO, Satya Nadella.

How You Can Use Hackathons in Recruitment

Does your company conduct coding challenges or hackathons in recruitment? If not, you may want to rethink the ways you recruit people.

Other than using online assessment tools another way to expedite tech hiring is through Questy’s coding challenges.

You can use the cloud assessment tool to create challenges and ask applicants to show their talent in solving them.

Want to know how you can use Questy in tech recruitment? Contact us today!