John McCarthy introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 1956. AI is one of the most underrated concepts of Information Technology. Computer engineers have been studying AI for decades now, but there’s still so much to learn.

A lot of people were proven wrong when they thought that AI is a trend and will soon be passé. It’s already growing by leaps & bounds. Industry giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet Inc. (Google’s parent company), etc. are already using AI technology (which includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc.) and are constantly enhancing their algorithms.

AI is here to stay and create a huge impact on IT and various other industries. It is exceedingly being used in various fields viz. Education, Manufacturing, Automotive, Marketing, and Hiring & Recruitment, etc. AI has drastically changed the way these industries work. It has largely impacted, rather disrupted the Recruitment industry. The way candidates are being screened, hired, on-boarded and even, trained has been redefined.

Enhance Your Company’s Assessment Capabilities for Hiring

A lot of hiring companies these days prefer online assessments over phone calls for their pre-hiring and hiring processes. With the introduction of AI in the recruitment field, the hiring process is completely disrupted. The way candidates are hired by companies now has changed drastically.

AI is being used for the creation of such online tests and candidates’ assessment. There are various kinds of assessment software available in the market which offer services viz. creation of online assessments, proctoring for online tests, etc. These assessments range from topics viz. engineering, coding to aptitude and various other topics. The scope varies as per the requirements. But finding, a one-stop-shop solution that offers all the services is tough.

  1. Questy is a recruitment tool that has an extensive catalog of questions available along with a free test generator. This allows you to generate questions per your choice across multiple disciplines.
  2. Questy also has live coding challenges along with real-time assessment which can help you in analyzing the candidates’ capabilities and deciding whether they can be hired or not.
  3. The live coding tests are available pre-built and there’s also an option to create your coding test. That too in 7 programming languages. These tests can be proctored and experts can also watch the coders code live.
  4. Questy helps you in analyzing the candidates’ performance by calculating the time taken to solve the problems.
  5. Questy comes with an ATS plugin that helps you screen and source best candidates in lesser time, thus improving your hiring efficiency.
  6. Since Questy gives you unbiased results, it will help you in hiring employees with cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is important to bring in new thoughts that help your company grow.
  7. It can help you generate comprehensive reports and evaluate them accurately. Moreover, all these benefits lead to improved efficiency thus saving cost and time for your company.

Winding it up

Questy is a one-stop solution for small, medium and large enterprises. It saves your cost and time. Since it can carry out the tasks more accurately & efficiently than humans, it will help you in relieving your human resources from repetitive tasks. Thus, you can allocate these human resources to more productive tasks viz. research & development, strategizing, etc. This will gradually lead to higher revenue generation and increased efficiency for your company.