“Not people, but the right people are the most important assets of companies”, described Jim Collins in his book titled, Good to Great.

Bad hires can cost companies much more than we expect. CEO Tony Hsieh of an online retail company named Zappos estimated that bad hires had cost him well over $100 million. Let’s see how to save your job while you are looking out for another one.

We have one tip for you “Go Beyond The Resume”. What next? Just do it well and this is all there is. What we are going to tell you further in this article is how to choose the best candidate for a job with precision judgment while keeping your current hiring process’ pros intact.

Ultimate Checklist For Any Job Role Fulfilment

Aptitude Assessments Are A Necessity But Not A Priority

It is critical to check the cognitive ability of candidates before finalizing the candidate for any position, be it entry-level or a senior position. Aptitude tests help recruiters predict job performance such as, how well the candidate will acquire, organize, retain, and apply information in a working environment. The tests usually include verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning questions.

All these being said, assessment test should not be a priority in the whole recruitment process. They are good to determine the aptitude but they don’t reflect the candidate’s personality. Thus as important as they seem, they serve as the initial screening step.

Know Their Growth Mentality Clearly

For experienced candidates, check how they have contributed to their previous companies. Ask open questions that determine their growth mindset and also predict their willingness to learn from the information and take up additional tasks to expand their job roles. Also, check what the candidate does outside of the current position, for example, volunteer work, side hustles, or certifications.

Check If He Is A Solution Guy Or A Problem Guy

Some people bring you the solution an there are other people who bring you the problem. Deciding which one you are hiring is the question. Test the problem-solving skills of candidates by exposing them to scenarios they will most likely face in their work life. Build a customized test using the Question Bank of Questy and generate instant reports.

Most companies require culture-fit candidates. Recruits must align with the team, handle client demands, meet deadlines, respect their juniors & support staff, and have their say in managerial meetings. Depending on the job requirement, conduct online assessments having situational questions and gauge the candidates based on their answers.

Pay More Attention To Practical Experience

While there is a buzz to give chance to the young talent out there, there is a beneficial aspect in hiring the experienced guy. You get an industry build persona with the experience in the field. This pays not just in the initial phase, but also in the long run, as they have been in the industry and know how it works.

The only care to be taken is that such an experience comes with some un-meetable demands that need to be negotiated carefully before you make any decision.

Loyalty Is Key Ingredient

The only way to find the loyalty and commitment of the candidate is to see how committed he is to grow in the career that he is into. Candidates, whose work-related values align with that of the organization, are more committed to their job and perform well. Access the commitment quotient of the candidates by asking them to fill out an online questionnaire and tick key work factors based on their importance.

Know The Career Orientation Of The Candidate

It is critical to know if the work preferences of the candidates match with the job role. Sometimes, people take up jobs only to realize that they don’t want to be in that profile. Thus, companies end up losing cost and time in hiring them. For example, while conducting an online and proctored coding test, one can analyze the behavior of the candidate to know their comfort level in the task.

Concluding Thoughts

All the mentioned attributes are critical in determining the future job performance of candidates. Examining the character traits of candidates without offending them could be a challenging task, but Questy makes it a cake-walk. Adopt the correct approach of gauging the job aspirants with Questy’s fun to play quizzes and engaging tests. Questy provides end-to-end solutions to combat recruitment challenges, attrition, and training woes of organizations of all sizes.

The Questions List For The Process

Confused about how to find the above qualities and how to choose the best candidate for a job? We have the right questions aligned with you for all the stages of the recruitment process. But before you look into it, you have to bear with the fact that there are going to be some changes to your stages of recruitment process. Let’s get started!

#1 Is candidate adaptive to change?

#2 Do they ask questions? How are they?

#3 Are they curious to know more about the job and the company?

#4 Can they see patterns in spread-out information?

#5 Are they team players?

#6 What is their role in teamwork?

#7 How well do they manage the given resources?

#8 Can they admit to their mistakes?

#9 How is their behavior towards their inferiors?

#10 How do they enjoy learning?

#11 What are there expectations from the company?

#12 What is their vision about the industry?

In the end, it is not the words that you should trust, it is the performance that you can rely on. So rather than asking these questions directly, it is better to get these from them in a task or online test that ensures quality. These all should be enough to answer your question of how to choose the best candidate for a job.

Your Next Hire Is Ready

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