Empowering HR Managers

With the advent of technology and modern developments, it was clear, it is going to be used in every sector possible. But ever wondered why it entered a field like HRM, a field so focused on human resources and intricacies of human resources. These digital recruitment trends entered due to the web that the internet has created. It has created a need for simplified solutions for HR managers to attract the right talent at the right time from the pile of platforms and millions of applicants to choose from.

This rigid framework is being dealt with by leveraging current trends in recruitment to bridge the efficiency gap. How are they leveraging technology for that? Let us find out.

Focusing On Faster Rate of Work

The mundane paperwork is not replaced by software that does the job in a click and lets the HR executive focus on what is important- Strategy. During the employee life-cycle, there are aspects like talent management, employee onboarding and learning that should be taken care of. These small but important tasks are now done with ease with technology in the house. HR has to take care of just the human touch to all of these and make sure these processes and advancements are running well.

Data Analysis and Transparency

One can understand the importance of data in marketing, but what about the impact of data & technology in human resource management? The HR department also has a huge set of data for the past, present and potential resources of the company that can be useful. This data is analyzed, scrutinized and updated from time to time.

It is good to have an HR that has everything sorted in mind and can be approached at any time. But what about the times when they aren’t available, or is occupied with something important or when they don’t remember where the data vanished? This is where technology comes to the rescue, the data has to be stored and updated from time to time so that dependency on humans in minimal. This stored data will also aid in decision-making i.e. the concerned personnel can make unbiased data driven decisions rather than hierarchy-backed decisions.

More Insights To Prove A Point Loud And Clear

More theory and observation-based description of any misfit employee is not as valued as a data-based insight. It makes HR’s point relevant to the employee as well as the employer. This was just one example of how data insights can be used to prove a point and validate any claim that is being in the company.

The HR department can now not be narrowed down to some fixed jobs and tasks in the company. There is much that can be done by and for them. There are two aspects to utilizing technology. One for the growth of HR as a department and others for getting more efficient as a company together. So, what is the current role of technology in human resource management?

Recruitment And Selection Process In HRM

Self-Service Tools

Company rules, bylaws, and performance analysis were all present before technology too. But who used it? The data interpretation and relevance to one’s self-interest was difficult to obtain. With technology not only authorities, but the employees also can access information like payroll, performance, time, management, attendance, etc. any time they want. This lets us the user input the data by themselves and thus reducing the workload of the HR department.

Learning And Development Of Employees

Learning Management System- LMS integration is an effective platform for employers to gauge the learning progress of an employee and not just for trainees. It helps companies in determining performance and bonuses for their employees as well as encourage the employees to learn more. This will benefit both the employees and the companies.  

So, what is the role of technology in human resource management? These systems need to be updated with new knowledge and tricks in the workplace now and then. It is better if the users themselves do it.

Payroll Tools

Automated systems in payrolls are a common thing, but their integration with HRIS intelligent systems is yet to be exploited to its fullest efficiency. This allows managing compensation by comparing to market, employee benefits and many such aspects.

This sounds too much new work and tools to learn for a department that hasn’t been a technology geek before. But to get to the solution of that, tech start-ups have come up with a way to provide the same services but in a comprehensive manner to reduce the trouble. Below are our top 3 list of start-ups that help to simplify the recruitment and selection process in HRM through automation and advanced tools.


Pymetrics’ main aim is to test candidates based on a series of neuroscience-based games and AI to change the way companies attract, recruit and retain talent. Every candidate is given a series of 12 games to decide whether they fit into the group of qualities with regard to efficient planning, clear focus and the capability towards risk-taking.

Upon completing the Pymetrics’ games, the algorithm helps to match a suitable job position based on what recruiters have posted on the platform. Therefore, getting a potential candidate that can be fit for any given role and make the role of HR managers simpler.

The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index software help recruiters and organizations to straightforwardly understand what are their requirements for hiring a probable candidate. The vital use of behavioral assessments to comprehend an individual’s cognitive skills for any kind of job and accordingly matches them with prospective job openings.

Candidates are shortlisted based on the target data provided by competent managers and stakeholders. Depending on the comparison of the measured traits; a candidate can be further processed making the job of HR managers convenient.


Questy is an online assessment platform that can conduct tests without any hassles of paperwork and yet provide accurate results. It can cater to various sectors like corporate houses, hiring agencies and academic institutions for hiring interns, graduates, and IT professionals. The online proctored assessment can be related to subjects like general knowledge, logical reasoning, subjective testing and many more along with the coding. Candidates can code in either C, C++, Php, C#, JS, Python or Java. The automated evaluation of the code using multiple predefined test cases guarantees the validity of the code across diverse circumstances.

It helps to filter the best candidates based on quantitative data analysis, identifies high performers using extensive reports, speeds up the recruitment process and overall cuts down on costs. Also, the test creation process is simplified that can be navigated in 3 steps with special features like browser tolerance, IP restrictions, efficient markings, etc. that makes it uniquely productive.

These are the top 3 technology-based start-ups that are empowering HR managers to make their role more productive and efficient in their organizations.

Are you taking charge of your role? If not, do it today!