As we are all aware, online education has become a global trend. Research suggests that the e-learning market is expected to grow to $325 billion by 2025 from $107 Billion in 2015. As more traditional educational institutions and corporate training departments are embracing technological advancements, we can expect a rapid rise of e-learning providers.

Students prefer courses that help them surpass the latest recruitment tools and secure good jobs. As an online educator, you can increase the value of your offerings by gaining the trust of the hiring companies by using online assessments and student authentication.

Also, to stay relevant in the growing competition, you must provide better learning experiences to your students and make them employable. Indeed, you need cost-effective and robust solutions to solve all your education-related problems.

How to enrich your online assessments?

Hiring companies trust physical tests more as they follow the strict discipline to uphold their integrity. However, online tests are the need of our time to support e-learning initiatives.

Online exams have massive benefits for institutions as:
  • They save the time of the educators in preparing assignments
  • Require less administrative staff
  • Give students the convenience of their home or any other geographical location to appear for the assessment
  • Allow e-learning providers the opportunity to expand business by educating and evaluating more students without increasing infrastructure costs
How Questy helps in enhancing the students’ experience?

Questy is an assessment tool that upgrades e-learning services using cutting-edge technology. Let’s check out its other features:

Extensive Test Library

Questy reduces time-consuming administrative tasks by offering a wide variety of ready-made tests in diverse disciplines, including live coding assessments. It provides flexibility by allowing the admin to prepare personalized tests using its vast library of questions.

LMS Integration

Questy lifts the quality of online education services by allowing you to integrate the Learning Management System (LMS) with the Questy plugin. Questy’s advanced assessment system works with your LMS to prepare your students for tougher challenges, which they could face during recruitments.

IP Restriction

Questy makes online tests cheat-proof by offering student authentication with the IP Restriction feature. Select specific IP addresses to take the test. This arrangement makes the test much more secure by stoping outside computers from accessing the test.

Job Assessment

Test Questy ensures your students are job-ready using its advanced feature of the Job Assessment Test. Assign a cut-off percentage for qualification in online tests and know how many students clear the benchmark.

Difficulty level and time

Questy improves your students’ skills by helping you to create challenging tests. Set the difficulty level of questions to low, medium, and high. Also, assign a specific time for the entire test, every section, as well as every question.


Questy gauges the knowledge and job readiness of students by generating a detailed, comprehensive report. The report provides details such as questions attempted, their difficulty level, percentage of correct answers, percentile, recommendations for improvement, etc.

To Sum Up!

Questy is a one-stop solution for e-learning service providers, assessment service providers, educational institutions, and certifying agencies alike. If you have concerns other than those we have discussed here, feel free to contact us.